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Originally Posted by firebuick
why don't you try the black car PCM its free and easy to swap ?
I agree there.... Free is free and worth a shot.. These PCM'* are funky...

15* of KR is quite a bit...

so do you have enough fuel pressure/flow?

Can the MAF account for all of the extra added air flow?

Could you be having some issues with a knock sensor?

Is the Cat/exhaust as free flowing as it needs to be? Stock Cat?

Just a hand full of things you need to test 1 by 1..

What kind of MAF reading do you get at WOT, Idle and the like?

And if you have one leaking injector that causing one cylinder to run really rich, the PCM will try to lean out the mix causing the other cylinder to run lean while that one cylinder still runs rich..

also, on the PCM have you had any issues communicating with the scantool?

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Yea, its free i will try it. And i have seen a few OBD 1 1/2 pcm problems

Yes, 15 is ALOT

Fuel pressure seems to be fine. It is in the mid 40'*. I am still thinking of buying a tester and getting the car very warm and trying it.

MAF... should be able to, this is the first issue i have seen like this

Knock sensor issues.... that thought has crossed my mind. All i know is if the car is cold and in open loop i can not get it to knock. Is that because it runs richer? Everything is cool and when it gets warm something is messed up? Knock sensors dont work until it gets to a certain temp? endless

Stock cat, but i tried both cats (now have the 1 off the black car that did the [email protected])

As for MAF readings, all my scan tool does is in grams/min or something and everyone seems to be confused about that (so i could post those but everyone has told me so far it doesnt help them)

Leaky injector... i did have this KR problem with the other injectors so i doubt it is the problem, but it cannot be helping. So it is going to be switched out

PCM never has a problem communicating

Electrical..... Nope still have to have the scantool plugged in to get the radio to work.
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Let us know what happens when you change the PCM tomorrow. As long as you start swapping parts, you'll be making progress toward finding the culprit
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We talked about your previous FP test being when everything was cold. You should test hot as well as cold in case the pump is getting warm and losing pressure.

We also talked about swapping pcm'*. Free...go try it.

Wrapping the sensors is good.. it will not hurt anything.
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