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Originally Posted by ratmfan2118
Originally Posted by kevo
Originally Posted by ratmfan2118
I totally agree about the faith thing, and I think its more the little things that get turned around and mistaken not the big parts of the event, I guess thats why I am going to be a history teacher as I usually have to have physical proof of something before I believe in it. (yes I know that can lead to a bleak outlook on life but I have lost a lot of "faith" in recent times seeing what goes on with people who worship yet have horrible things happen to them)
I love history too! Are you more into World history or what? I love studying ancient world history.

If you want to read a book or two that deal with the Historicity of Jesus and the Bible here'* a few titles:

"The New Evidence that Demands a verdict" and " More than a Carpenter." These are by Josh McDowell

A few titles that are for those who are skeptics are:

"A Skeptic'* Search for God." by Ralph O. Muncaster, and "Mere Christiantity" by C.*. Lewis.

Not trying to push anything, nor am I looking to debate, but thought you or other'* may want to read up on it since it'* an issue.

Another good author and appologist worth reading is Ravi Zacharias. His works are very intelligent and thought provoking.

People forget that the Bible is not A book but sixty six books. They were compiled together, but are multiple historical documents written by many over a few millenia or so.

Also, Josephus mentions Christ and his followers in his works too.

So technically, from a historical standpoint, there are much more than one single source reguarding this.

Just FYI.....
Im into all kinds of history, major topics I study are Alexander the great, Vietnam war, World War Two, Special Forces, hidden US armies of the 80'* and militarism since the French revolution all this with a sprinkling of Canadian and Medieval history
Some cool topics! I especially like the one about Alexander the great. Funny thing was that most people think he'* Greek, but that'* not true. He was Macedonian.

His effects on society were astounding. Without his conquests there wouldn't have been a common language during Christ'* time. Everyone spoke Koine Greek. It was the language of trade. And His spread of culture was simply overwhelming. The Romans copied, and of course renamed, the Greek gods, as well as copying much of their art and arcitecture, thus the term "Greco-Roman" when talking about that time period.

I also like to study a bit about WW II and the medievial time period.

I take it you watch the History channel? I do!
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