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Originally Posted by opensourceguy
Well guys, i just got in from driving her. I don't have a lot of gas, so I only got to take her around the block. However, I did bring her up to temp before doing so. She runs extremely well. The idle is still a little high, but that'* an easy fix. Shifts are smooth as glass, and still instanious. I only went 25 until I exited town, then accelerated to 40. And then turned around. I only have about 1/8th throttle, so I wasn't able to accelerate very fast [good thing for me]. However, that 1/8th throttle I did have, was still good throttle. I was able to move her. Also, I noticed the steering is aboslutely effortless compared to my mom'* bug, so that was weird at first. My brakes suck hardcore too.. my pedal is a little soft, so a brake-bleed may be in order.

Once I get a few more trips under her belt, I will go after playing with the modulator. But until then, i'll just keep with the default setup.
i dunno maybe its because i dont want to read 6 pages of posts, but did i miss something? why do you only have 1/8th throttle? (its extremeley hard to find me drivin mine under 1/2 throttle)
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It'* easy to find it. It is because last time the engine was built it was well uh.... "tested out" before it could be broken in and well broke again.
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Dont bother playing around with the modulator Justin, the only way i have found that is really any good is just max it out and leave it. You should be able to feel as well as notice an increase in shift firmness. If you're still getting fast, yet smooth as glass shifts i would think something is slipping somewhere. But obviously your transmission is original, so that'* to be expected. Otherwise good luck! Get some gas in that SOB before you burn out your fuel pump and have to drop $180 on that too. Or whatever they cost.
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sse1990 is correct, i beat the crap out of the car the last time.. and I have trouble controlling myself, so i put a brick under the pedal to keep me from hurting her. 1/8th throttle is still good power. it'* not completely worthless, that'* for sure.

just replaced the fuel filter, and what do you know, damn car runs 100% better. The idle issues i had, are gone. And although i only moved the car maybe 50 ft, to mow the lawn, it felt much better. No high idle, no low idle.. just perfect 900RPM idle.

Alec: by smooth as glass shifts, i mean it doesn't rattle the entire car. You can feel it shift, but it doesn't shake the car to bits like I used to. I'm still going to play with the modulator, just because i'm curious about it. You are probably right though, but we shall see.

I also picked up a new set of plugs, but i want to drive the car a little more before I install them. Going to make sure the car is running good on the plugs I have. No need to ruin another new set of plugs .

Gas is coming tomorrow, for all those curious. The "Low Fuel" indicator has still not shown up on the DIC, so I still have at least 50 miles on the tank.
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