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OBD-II Trouble Shooting Got a code reader? Find out what your GM car's Check Engine light is trying to tell you (and then turn Check Engine light off).

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Default OBD-II Trouble shooting guide 1997-99 START HERE

1997-99 Engine codes

101 MAF Sensor Performance
102 MAF circuit low freq
103 MAF circuit high freq
107 MAP low voltage
108 MAP high voltage
112 IAT low voltage
113 IAT high voltage
117 ECT low voltage
118 ECT high voltage
121 TP sensor performance
122 TP sensor low voltage
123 TP sensor high voltage
125 ECT insufficient temp for closed loop
131 HO2S low voltage Sensor 1
132 HO2S high voltage Sensor 1
133 HO2S slow response Sensor 1
134 HO2S insufficient activity Sensor 1
135 HO2S heater performance Sensor 1
137 HO2S low voltage Sensor 2
138 HO2S high voltage Sensor 2
140 HO2S insufficient activity Sensor 2
141 HO2S heater performance Sensor 2
171 Fuel Trim lean
172 Fuel Trim rich
201 Injector 1 circuit fault
202 Injector 2 circuit fault
203 Injector 3 circuit fault
204 Injector 4 circuit fault
205 injector 5 circuit fault
206 injector 6 circuit fault
230 fuel pump relay control circuit
243 SC boost solenoid control circuit error
300 engine misfire detected
301 Misfire cylinder #1
302 Misfire cylinder #2
303 Misfire cylinder #3
304 Misfire cylinder #4
305 Misfire cylinder #5
306 Misfire cylinder #6
325 knock sensor system fault
327 knock sensor circuit fault bank 1
332 knock sensor circuit fault bank 2
335 CKP sensor A circuit
336 CKP circuit fault
340 CMP sensor circuit
341 CMP sensor performance
385 CKP sensor B circuit
401 EGR insufficient flow
403 EGR solenoid control circuit fault
404 EGR open position performance
405 EGR position sensor low voltage
410 Secondary Air Injection system
412 Secondary Air Injection solenoid circuit
418 Secondary Air Injection pump relay circuit
420 catalyst system low efficiency
440 EVAP system fault
442 EVAP system small leak detected
443 EVAP purge sol control faule
446 EVAP VENT system performance
449 EVAP VENT sol control circuit
452 fuel tank pressure sensor low volt
453 fuel tank pressure sensor hi volt
462 fuel level sensor low voltage
463 fuel level sensor high voltage
480 cooling fan relay 1 control circuit
481 cooling fan relay 2 control circuit
506 idle speed too low
507 idle speed too hi
522 Eng Oil Pressure Sensor low volt
523 Eng Oil Pressure Sensor hi volt
530 A/C pressure sensor circuit fault
550 Power Steering Pressure switch circuit
560 PCM system voltage error
601 PCM Read Only Memory Fault
602 PCM not programmed
620 generator performance
650 MIL control circuit
654 Engine Speed Output Circuit
656 fuel level output circuit
705 trans range switch circuit
706 trans range switch performance
1106 MAP sensor circuit intermittent hi volt
1107 MAP sensor circuit intermittent low volt
1111 IAT sensor intermittent hi volt
1112 IAT sensor intermittent low volt
1114 ECT sensor intermittent low volt
1115 ECT sensor intermittent hi volt
1121 TPS intermittent hi volt
1122 TPS intermittent low volt
1133 HO2S insufficient switching sensor 1
1134 HO2S transition time ratio sensor 1
1257 Supercharger engine overboost
1260 Fuel pump speed control relay circuit
1336 Crank Position System Variation not learned
1350 Bypass line monitor
1351 ign control (or coil 1) circuit hi volt
1352 ign bypass (or coil 2) circuit hi volt
1353 ign coil 3 circuit high volt
1354 ign coil 4 circuit high volt
1355 ign coil 5 circuit high volt
1356 ign coil 6 circuit high volt
1361 ign control (or coil 1) circuit low volt
1362 ign bypass (or coil 2) circuit low volt
1363 ign coil 3 circuit low volt
1364 ign coil 4 circuit low volt
1365 ign coil 5 circuit low volt
1366 ign coil 6 circuit low volt
1372 CKP sensor A-B correlation
1374 CKP high to low res freq correlation error
1380 misfire detect - no rough road data avail
1381 misfire detect - no comm w/ EBTCM
1404 EGR closed position performance
1406 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Position Sensor Performance
1441 EVAP system flow during non-purge
1483 engine cooling system performance
1520 Park/Neutral Position (PNP) switch circuit
1546 a/c relay control circuit
1554 cruise control feedback circuit error
1571 trac control torque req circuit error
1573 lost comm w/ EBTCM (ABS) system
1575 Extended Travel Brake Switch
1585 cruise control inhibit output circuit
1602 lost comm w/ EBTCM (ABS) system
1604 lost comm w/ Driver Info Display Control Sys
1605 lost comm w/ HVAC system
1610 lost comm w/ BCM
1619 Engine oil life monitor reset switch circuit
1626 VATS fuel enable signal lost
1629 VATS fuel enable signal not rec'd
1630 VATS learn mode active
1631 VATS start enable signal not correct
1635 5 volt ref circuit 1
1637 charge system indicator lamp control circuit
1639 5 volt ref circuit 2
1641 A/C clutch relay control circuit
1642 change engine oil lamp control circuit
1646 SC boost solenoid control circuit error
1651 cooling fan relay 1
1652 cooling fan relay 2
1653 fuel level OR low oil lamp output circuit
1662 cruise control inhibit output circuit
1663 charging sys lamp OR change oil lamp circuit
1665 EVAP VENT solenoid circuit
1667 Fuel pump speed control relay circuit
1671 MIL control circuit
1672 low engine oil level lamp control circuit
1673 Eng cool temp HOT lamp control circuit
1676 EVAP purge sol control circuit
1689 Trac control delivered torque output circuit

1997-99 Transmission P codes:

218 transmission fluid overtemperature
502 VSS circuit low input
503 VSS circuit intermittent
711 trans fluid temp sensor range/performance
712 trans fluid temp sensor circuit low input
713 trans fluid temp sensor circuit high input
716 input speed sensor circuit intermittent
717 input speed sensor circuit low input
719 brake switch circuit low input
724 brake switch circuit high input
730 incorrect gear ratio
740 TCC enable solenoid circuit electrical
741 TCC stuck off
742 TCC stuck on
748 pressure control solenoid circuit electrical
751 shift solenoid A valve performance
753 shift solenoid A circuit electrical
756 shift solenoid B valve performance
758 shift solenoid B circuit electrical
1810 trans fluid pressure valve position switch circuit
1811 maximum adapt and long shift
1814 Torque Converter Overstressed
1860 TCC PWM solenoid circuit electrical
1870 Trans component slipping
1887 TCC release switch circuit
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