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She got through whatever security points with that stuff.
There aren't any checkpoints to get to the ticket counter. I've seen shirts like this on my campus years ago. That board even looks like the ones they gave us in my first EE lab. I figure she already had the shirt, and it was a going joke to wear it into an airport. She was the only idiot willing to do it. And if she'* a liberal arts student, it'* not her shirt. Which seems even more likely to me. A higher percentage of liberal arts students feel entitled to do stupid **** on the premise of "liberty".
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i think she was dropped on her head one too many times as a baby
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Originally Posted by MOS95B
Originally Posted by chr0mius
Originally Posted by bonnie94ssei
So who'* the member who is dating this girl?
She doesn't really look like a girl. I feel bad for her boyfriend.

To me, that thing doesn't look like a bomb what-so-ever. It looks like the generic circuit board you buy at radio shack when you take any intro to electronics course. and some leds and a battery.

Play-doh was a dumb idea, though.
Do you know what it actually takes to make a man-carried bomb?? A switch, a power souce, and an explosive. That'* it...

Anfd play-doh can be potentially converted to an explosive with a few items from a grocery store. (Yes, a grocery store!!)

So, that thing could easily have been a bomb. As could a cell phone with exposed wiring, a wrist watch, or even just a double A battery, a samll switch and an old pair of headphones.

Yes, I've had this training in the past. It'* scarey what someone with a bit of knowledge can do with crap from home.

The TSA acted exactly as they were tasked to. Someone was in an airport with an unknown electronic device exposed on their body. I would have expected Mall security to do the damned thing if it was at the MOA

And the "art" excuse is BS!!! Look at this pic, Those are art. They're made of paper (well, card stock). What do you think would happen if I carried any of those into an airport, mall, or any public place?? I doubt whoever is in charge of security is gonna start with "Excuse me, is that art in your hands??"
That was partially my point. You could create a bomb with practically anything, and you wouldn't have it sewn into your jacket. You would have it hidden somewhere. I could be carrying a laptop that is a bomb, or a cell phone or any other number of harmless looking devices. I got stopped by 3 security guards just for having my DSLR camera around my neck. Art doesn't have guidelines and limitations on medium. Fashion is an art, and probably the most profitable and popular art form in existence. So don't say that art needs to be made of paper or paint and canvas.
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