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I think my mileage is around 116k, maybe 117k...bought it with 112.7k back in September, haven't been driving it a lot lately (although I'm sure that will change during the upcoming Spring Break, and especially this summer).

Problems I've had to fix so far:

-The damn thing kept breaking motor mounts Had to get the right one replaced twice, but this last time they used a supposedly stronger one, so hopefully no more problems (I like to accelerate ) -- maybe $100 or 150? can't remember

-Oil valve cover gaskets (or some such thing) were those fixed..don't remember the cost

-Vacuum line was knocked loose on climate control unit, was causing air only to blow from defroster vents...luckily a simple fix, as it'* not pleasant to drive in Texas without air conditioning except in December-January

-Seat controls were only partially working due to soda having been spilled there by the previous owner (or, more accurately, his kid) a new panel off eBay for like $25

-And then the major thing that was plaguing me for 3+ months...the thing wouldn't start reliably (it got worse over time). Left me stranded a few times, and made me want to push the thing into a lake or something Anyways, I finally got it fixed in the beginning of January - ended up replacing the ignition cylinder, anti-theft module, and PCM (not sure if the PCM was in need of replacement too, but at least the dealership threw that in for free). Spent far too much money on that, but well worth it in that the car hasn't once failed to start on me since.

-Cruise control had never been working - when I'd push the button, it would feel like it got engaged for a second or less, but then it "didn't take" and I'd start slowing down as if I'd turned the CC off. This wasn't that high on my priority list, but luckily it was fixed by the new PCM.

-Oh, and apparently the tires that were on the car when I bought it, were pretty worn to say the least. So $$$ for a new set of tires back in November...

-Gauge lights weren't illuminating...turned out to be a simple fuse

All in all it'* been over $1500 (probably closer to $2000) of work I've had to put into the car since I've bought it. I'm not really complaining too much though, because I got a great deal on the car (only paid $2000 for it) I can think of it as paying $4000 total, which is probably closer to what the car is actually worth anyway (if a bit over). Not to mention it was like one of three SSEi'* being sold for under $5000 in Texas that I could track down at all, at the time (one of the others didn't have a sunroof; the other had 198k miles..). And the car runs great'* reliable, smooth-running, and has lots of power when I want it. That'* basically all I need.

There are still a few things I want to get taken care of at some point (front license plate holder broke off; fog lights are in need of replacement; power locks are not working; need to get keyless entry remote programmed after locks are fixed; want to replace the rear bumper cover since the paint is peeling on mine and it'* torn in one place) - but these are all fairly minor, and probably on a "when I get around to it" schedule.
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Mine, had 74,xxx miles on it before I handed it over. I think it had a couple new alternators, I had to replace the stupid remotes and right before (like we're talking the week of) I sold it to my brother, I had to have the brake system overhauled (master cylinder, front (?) cylinders and lines were shot).
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Car is a gem, only problems were a new back bumper (not her fault) and the DIC tells me to check the theft system when the temp is below -10 F.

I don't have a sunroof and have always used Mobil One.

Tires lasted 62,000, replaced front brake pads at 64,000, driving light bulb and stop light bulb somewhere along the line, but those a just normal maintenance, right?

Of course the machine does get lonely 'cuz it is always parked at some far corner of the parking lot... no door dings so far.
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