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Originally Posted by willwren
Originally Posted by mikey
sorta its locked, and the first post.....says no street racing posts, yet the first post by the same person that said no street racing posts, has a little street racing in it
I was not street racing, nor did I say I 'raced' at all. We were cruising together. I didn't 'kill' anyone. This is an example of the type of posting that will be tolerated. That was my whole reason for posting it (besides the fact that it actually happened). Note that I didn't post the Trans Am I killed on my LAST trip over that pass. That was plain racing over the summit.

This story placed emphasis on 'partnering' with another car for mutual safety. Driving in this manner also has the added benefit of keeping you alert, and not dozing off on long trips.
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Thanks, Mice.

Guys and Gals, just follow the examples already in that forum. Things are looking great so far.
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Originally Posted by Sol
Originally Posted by Bonnephile
It has come to my attention that the members who are most integral to BC'* 'high level of functioning'...i.e., those who've been around a while and know their B-ville stuff...are NOT the ones in support of Kill Stories. BC is a one-of-a-kind site...whereas other 'kill forums' are a dime a dozen. The stakes are high here, we really want to have this blemish on BC? Even if it is a small and manageable blemish, it is still a blemish nonetheless.

I'm ready to vote on the issue. I've already made up my mind.

Although I am in support of a general 'campfire stories' area, having to do with cars, posts that describe street racing and how great and cool and fun it is shouldn't be allowed on BC, period. Not only is in encouraging a problem, but it doesn't present the other side of street racing; the fact that it is dangerous to you and others, the fact that it'* illegal, it damages your car, and you could destroy yours or someone else'* property.
Very well said. This club has a huge reputation for being a great source of information with friendly people. We don't wanna ruin it.
I totally 1000% agree here!
Even one small smirch against us (BC) is too much!

As to the openning of the "On The Road" section......I hope you Mods/Admins are not making an even bigger mistake here!
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I posted in Kill stories maybe 3 times before it was closed. Two ouf the the three I clearly exclaimed getting beat... It'* no big deal if you lose... Thats life, get over it. There is no need to make up an outrageous story just to look cool. I do street race, but only in the country and on Highways where I know that people have less of a chance of getting hurt. Second off... I drive a Bonne, but I am also into the "ricer" scene to. Yeah... I will admit most people with an import that looks tricked out on the outside, isn't to tricked under the hood. Then you have to people who do have extensive mods under the hood of their hood, that would completely smoke some modded Bonne'*. And I'm not talking about having nitrous oxide in the trunk. Basically what I am trying to say is that if you street race do it in a SAFE place(country or empty highway), also Stop making up rediculous storied of how you beat somekind of high powered sports car in your bonne, because basically it isn't happenin. And Finally stop raggin on the ricers, cause one day you will race a little civic that looks cool, and you may not think it can beat you, but guess what... It will blow your doors off...

Just my thoughts on the matter
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My thoughts on the matter...

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