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Default Alaram and remote start intall guide

OK so this not a full write up but some helpful links and tips to install an Alarm or Remote Start or a combo
You will need an array of tools
Screw Drivers Standard and Phillips
Ratchet and 10mm Socket
Drill and drill bits (Bits must be able to drill through metal)
Old metal hanger or fish tape
Wire strippers and Razor Blade
Test light or volt meter (I prefer just a test light)
Soldering Iron, Flux and Solder
Heat Shrink Tubing (Harbor Freight)
Electrical Tape
Mounting Tape
Self tapping screws
Start out by removing the large trim piece that stretches from left of the steering wheel to around the heater controls and radio. (It just pulls off) Then remove the trim piece just below the steering wheel (4 10MM BOLTS)

Notice that after removing the trim piece that there is a piece of Styrofoam mounted to the back of it remove that and use the mounting tape to mount the unit here
After removing the piece you should have full access to all the vital wiring of the car and should look like this

Please be careful to not cut the bright yellow wire in the middle of the picture this is for your airbag
Now you need to expose some more wiring locations

This area will let you splice into your power locks and door trigger (door trigger activates your interior lights)
Note: The wiring diagrams say that the tan wire is the driver’* door and the dark blue wire is for the rest of the doors. I had a trouble getting these to work so for my 96 SE the white wire activates the lights when any door is open.
The way to test this is to close the latch on the door using a screw driver

On my 96 and like year Bonneville’* the white wire we are talking about will trigger the test light when all the doors are closed and will turn the test light off when a door is open.
Also connecting wires and splicing into wires it is very important to do a good job of covering any loose wires although I use soldering and heat shrink tubing there are other safe ways to do this
One more area of wiring to expose and this area you will find you trunk wire and your parking lights

This isn’t a very good picture for locating the area this is just right next to the driver’* seat pull out some trim and pull back the carpet
At some point you will need to get wires into the engine bay behind the drivers strut tower there is a rubber grommet on the fire wall use you metal hanger or fish tape to get the wire into the engine bay

Once again this is just how I do it if you would rather drill a hole in the fire wall and put in a new rubber grommet than by all means do so
Mounting the siren is just a matter of choice on location I mounted mine here (use self tapping screws)

The drill will also be used to install a hood pin switch if you cannot find and existing whole then make a new one.
You will also have to find the tach output for remote start installations this is a purple and white wire

Remove the engine cover and you will find this just to the right of the coil packs
Also with remote start installs you will be required to wire in a relay and you will be cutting into some very important wiring I strongly suggest soldering here if you don’t know how find someone who does
The following links will tell you the color of the wires specific to your year make and model
Page 1
Page 2
I hope this helps if anyone plans on doing this and needs help just pm me
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