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Originally Posted by 1995BvSSE
You can also redirect output from pretty much any program by using the ">" character, and then print the file. For example:

perl myscript.pl >output.txt

Hope that helps.
Now thats cool. i'll have to try that next time. i just croped screenshots for now though. Cool. I"m sure i'll bring this thread back to life sometime in the next week if i get stuck on my next assignment again.
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By the way, if it were me, I'd write the script "more like this"

But the beauty of Perl is that it is quite flexible. Ask 5 Perl programmers to write something, you'll get 5 totally different scripts.

use strict;
use warnings;

#always declare variables, required with use strict
my $in;
my %myhash;
my @keyarray;
my @valarray;

#Take input from the user, tokenize the input and store it into a hash
#We make the loop "infinite" until the "last" condition is met below
while(true) {
	print "Enter a key/value pair separated by a colon\n(quit to finish)\t";
	$in = <STDIN>;
	chomp $in;
	#using a "last" statement here precludes the need to have the "initial" set of
	#duplicate logic in the beginning of the script. i.e., we'll leave the loop
	#once our exit criteria is met
	last if $in eq "quit";
	(my @result) = split(/:/, $in);

	#Always verify your input!
	#Note that in Perl, treating an array as a scalar will give you the size.
	if (@result != 2)
		print "ERROR: input not understood\n"; 
		$myhash{$result[0]} = $result[1];

#iterate through each element in the hash in sorted fashion
foreach my $temp (sort keys %myhash) {
	#store the hash keys in keyarray
	#store the hash values in valarray

#Take elements off the end of the array, one at a time, thus reversed sorted order
while(@keyarray > 0) {
	print("Key: ".pop(@keyarray)." Value: ".pop(@valarray)."\n");

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