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you've got some really good points, and with myself being into Audio and video as much as i am i do know that Macs are far superior in that feild.

Every computer has its place in the world. and everyone is going to complain about it too
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Why would anyone want to use IE? Slow, outdated, fulla holes, and a huge security target. Pleanty of alternative browsers to use.

That goes for Outlook Express, too.

The one problem I have with macs. Is. That.


So, I refuse to pay the huge cost to apple to have them build me one. I'm too picky about my hardware to just let some big corporate beancounting company pick all my parts.
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I completly agree, the fact that EVERYTHING is proprietary is one of Apple'* biggest downfalls. When they had the chance a few years back to become more open and license their software and hardware, they failed miserably, which is why they're still such a small market share (growing, but still small). This argument comes down to a couple very strong points: It'* not so much that Macs are poor machines, but rather that Joe Public has become dumbed down to the poor Microsoft quality and cannot grasp the (sometimes) superior aspects of Apple products.

One quick example that comes to mind is the Internet Settings brought up earlier:

PC: Click start, go to Settings, over to Network Connections, and then right click on the connection you want to modify, go to Properties, click on "TCP/IP" and click Properties.
Total clicks: 6 to 7, depending on your system settings (expand Network Connections or not).

Mac OS X: Click the Apple menu, go to "System Preferences". Click "Network". Making sure that it'* set to "Built-In Ethernet", there'* your TCP/IP settings right there.
Total clicks: 3 or 4, again, depending on your system settings.

Keep this in mind guys, I am a complete Mac advocate -- it'* what I grew up using and am very comfortable in this atmosphere. But what do I use for my daily tasks? A PC. What'* my job? Fixing Windows machines. I've sold more people on using Mac minis for their servers, more for the security than anything else.

Windows and Microsoft products are job security for me. Switching people to Macs may take away some of my job security, but for the satisfaction my customers have from knowing their data is secure gets me more customers....fighting the good fight, one PC user at a time
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Originally Posted by gxp rules
Does IE work on a mac???
there was a ie for mac but it was discontinued a few months ago.
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