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With help like that you should be "feelin'" it in no time. Hope you post your next revision, it would be cool to see how it evolves.
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Bacardi and Cola, they get the job done!
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I would like to thank everyone for their input and help; especially Henrey, Elizabeth and Motorhead

Here is the final

Leather, Bose, and Supercharged!

I will never forget the day that I bought my car, a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville.

It was a beautiful afternoon as I looked thru the used car lot on Robins Air Force Base for a second vehicle. My truck, a 1992 F-150 was a great, but I needed a highway car; something that looked good was fast and also dependable. This was the day I found it.

I had been keeping an eye on the used car lot for a couple of days and there were two cars that caught ma attention, yet appeared to be identical. Both were white, both a Pontiac Bonneville, both had leather interiors, but one had a supercharger, the other did not. I test drove the simpler of the two cars first; it was okay but the price was ghastly. I found that I really liked the way the Bonneville rode and handled the road, so I called the owner of the second car. He sounded very happy to hear that someone was interested in his car and we proceeded to make arrangements for a test drive later that day.

The gentleman selling was an 86 year old retired Chief out of the U.*. Air Force, with white hair, white beard and a cane; I will never forget him. He did not smile; he was nice but very serious at the same time. I introduced myself and we talked about the car for 5 minutes or so when he asked me if I would like to take it for a test drive.

From the beginning, when I first saw this car; I liked it a lot more. This Bonneville had a dark leather interior with matching dash and floor carpet; the car had a Bose stereo system that I was very familiar with; not only in its rich sound, but the high quality equipment used for it. This also had a supercharger, a mechanical unit that forces extra air into the combustion chamber of the engine; allowing more power to be produced at the driver’* disposal.

He handed me the key to the car and as I opened the door and sat down, I knew the chance of me not buying this car was slim to none. I cranked the motor and my eyes widened as the engine hit ignition. At this point, I was scared to do anything; it had a growl while idling that filled me with excitement, putting an uncontrollable smile on my face. My hand was shaking and I reached down to the floor shifter and put the transmission in gear. As the car started to roll forward, I was escorted into a state of euphoria. The car was smooth and quiet while still having an intimidating growl. Everything was easy to use, from the blinker to the digital compass. The Bonneville made you feel like you were part of the car instead of just being in it. We drove from the crowed streets near the car lot to the open roads further away. Everyone we passed, from the people out walking and shopping to the other motorists on the road, turned to stare at the beautiful beast. Traveling towards the open roads, I remained cautious, not wanting to push the car to much, mostly out of my own fear. As I started to accelerate from a four-way stop, my life was about to change.

“Put it to the floor, I want you to know what you’re driving” the snowy-haired old Chief commanded at a volume normally reserved for movie theaters. Not wanting to disobey a direct order, I stabbed the accelerator, pinning it mercilessly to the floor. The supercharger responded like a highly disciplined soldier, the boost gauge stood at attention, and the Bonneville breathed new life. My heart entered a death race with the engine as the car rocketed from 40 MPH to 90 MPH within seconds. The grip I had on the steering wheel tightened involuntarily as some subliminal fear told me the car would leave me behind if I did not cling on for dear life. At that very moment I knew with undeniable surety I was buying this car, no questions asked. After this autobahn experience, we worked our way back to the lot and I reverently parked the car back in the same place from which the adventure originated.

Later on that day, I applied and was approved for the loan. The owner of the car was in the loan office with me while all of the paperwork was processed. The moment of truth had come when I was finally handed the keys to my car. Once all was said and done, I got back to the Bonneville and tore out of the lot with everyone looking on in amazement. That was the most memorable day of my life.
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