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Kind of along the religious lines - http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/Northeast...eut/index.html

I'm not religious myself, but I respect others' beliefs, as long as they keep them theirs. When you (meaning "one") start trying to push 'em off on me, I take offense....
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We could just let the cockroaches have the desert.... They can live through nukes right?
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Originally Posted by whw97ville
This maybe simplistic and overkill but....

We've spent a butt load of money on this war.
I say we give the terrorists an ultimatium.
We have how may thousands of nukes stockpiled....
The next time a civilian is taken prisoner or killed we target a city in the middle east an let one rip.
Then maybe the towlhead govt'* and people would start giving these people up.
Extreme, but we are dealing with an extremist culture.

Conventional tactics are not going to work here.
Does anyone remember when war was war and all this collateral crap didn't exist.
War is messy, war is brutal, I feel for the conditions most of those people live in.
But when it all comes down to it, they have the ability to change what goes on in their countries, they just need to stand up and do it.

Now that I've vented on to bigger things.
Wow man first of all calling them the towelhead goverments thats really harsh even bordering on racism but thats just my opinion.

First of all I say stay but use alterior methods to stop the militants such as even bigger use of special forces etc.

So your saying that if one american civilian is killed we should nuke an entire city, what does that make us. Sommehow I dont think you want to kill an entire city full of people for a small group and if you do then I pity you cause that makes you no better than the Husseins and Bin Ladens of this world.

If your all about forgetting about collateral damage then a soldier or more dying everyday
shouldnt bother you as this is war and these things happen according to your logic.

These people cant change in one year. Think about it for a lot of these people they have been told since day one to hate the western world and one would really have to be naieve to think one year will change this. ITs tough to combat these people, for you have America and the western world attacking and trying to sweep out terrorists but these terrorists are setting up hospitals and schools for the people and providing for them so who do you think the people will side with, not saying its right but unfortunatly thats how it often goes.

Finally not everybody there hates us. I have a feeling you get your info from CNN and other news agencies cause thats all they show is the people dragging bodies through the streets but never the people celebrating the liberation.

Many people call for the use of nukes but we triend that twice at the end of World War 2 and it did more harm then good IMO.

As for the religion aspect maybe its different in each country but in Canada we have had seperation in schools especially but also in other areas
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