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I think you already have in mind what needs to be fixed and are willing to fix it,if your heart is set on it and you get it for 2k and have to put another 1000 - 1500 k into it and it turns out to be a nice looking and reliable car then it is still a good deal.Get the carfax and if all checks out stick with the 2k.As long as its fixable and not too costly, restoring is half the fun.
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it is really a nice thing to buy a car and have everything already be working and everything looking nice, don't sacrifice quality for boost, it really is not worth it.

As for that paint on the roof, that really is not that bad now that I look at it again, my roof looks EXACTLY like that when I don't wax it for a long time. The scratches, yeah I have em too, really don't know where they came from but they are there, but they sort of go away with about 4 coats of some really good wax, so don't wory about that paint thing. For the bumper covers and trim and such, well that is up to you, if you feel like doing it, well its your wallet. And for the interior...personally I would walk because the results of sitting water in a car is definitely something you don't want to deal with. Wiring, Connectors, Floors, they all corrode and you will be footin the bill to fix it all.

As for the engine, well, even my engine looks like that because i'm really not the kind of person that really gives a dang to go and clean it. Infact i think mine looks worse, don't worry about the engine, although it does look as if someone left the hood open in a rain storm or something. The current owner of that car sounds like a real neglector. I'll bet hes the kinda person that never changed the oil or only changed it when he felt like it or something. But if you feel like a challenge, go ahead, but I say WALK, and keep looking.
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after reading the codes and the rest,I'd say don't walk...............RUN!!!!!!!!!

Hold on to ya money and get something ya can put the money into mods instead of repair IMO
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yea, I would walk. While the ABS is most likely the module under the passenger seat getting wet, until you can get it fixed, you don't wantthe chance of accidental deployment. And with water, you've seen my car with it'* lack of interior. This was due to water and the padding was so bad I just trashed it. Finding new padding is proving difficult since I need to gind good condition padding.

As for the rest of it, I forsee you putting more than $1000-1500 into this car to make it nice. Figure $500-1000 in parts alone if it needs bumpers, rocker molding, ABS parts, etc. and then another $1000-2000 for a good quality paint job done right. thinking of resale, if you get a cheap paint job, you'll be able to tell and people might question it. plus MT isn't a common color so that might affect price.

and if you find any Bonnevilles in Rochester, I will check them out for you.
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