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Glad you are okay. I've had a couple times where I was followed but never flat-out chased like that. That'* scary.

I don't know if it would be worth it money-wise, but if you can prove your car troubles are a result of that chase, perhaps you'd be able to take him to some kind of civil court and sue him for it. Again, I don't know if the cost v. benefits would be worth it, but it'* an idea.
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That'* a crazy story! I'm glad you're okay. I don't know what that guy'* problem was in the Nissan.

All I can say is that I've been chased before when I had my old car by the same kind of physco, only he was in his 50'* (so he should have been more mature). All I did was pass him since he was going slower than the speed limit and he flipped out, starting flashing his lights, chasing up next to me, flipping me off, and then he drove on the shoulder of the road (this is on a highway) next to me and rolled down his window to scream at me. He followed me for a couple more miles. Freaked me out because you don't know what anyone will do.

Glad you weren't hurt, but sorry your Bonne is :( Good thing you got his license plate. I hope he can be held accountable for something.
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2000SilverBullet is on a distinguished road

Bad luck with your engine, sorry to hear......but get over it.
Getting tailgated or flipped is common place these days.
You chose to try and out run him. Bad decision, and dangerous too......and with your Mom in the car.
The police will not press charges. Nothing at all will happen to the 240 driver. You will have to fix your car on your own. Believe it and get on with it. You will get another chance to drive again and maybe next time you will be better prepared.
Next time someone gets in your face and you can't get away, first pull over calmly, wait for him to get out of his car, flip him off, then speed away towards the nearest police station.......or you can carry a big club like I do.
The cops around here actually prefer that you beat them up real good before they arrive on the scene......and if you shoot him only do it once, because the second bullet will put you away for a long time but only one will get you off with community service.
....hey you were just protecting your Mom.
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I'm the mom that went through this nightmare and believe me when I tell you that there was NOTHING else that we could've done. This guy matched every move we made. My son wouldn't pull over because he knew I would've fought the guy myself. I ain't scared. My son has a condition called chondritis which is inflamation around the cartilage of his heart and is in no way capable or able to try and fight anyone. He didn't want to see me fight the guy so the next obvious choice is to flee. Where we live the cops take forever getting to you and people carry guns here in the south especially if they are one of those good ol' boys. There is no telling what he was on or what kind of weapons he had. I will be getting a gun permit though and let him try to mess with me again. A dead man tells no tales!!!!! I work for the insurance company and this should constitute as malicious mischief under comprehensive. The deductible is only $100. The police report indicates that the whole thing caused the motor to go. I have reciepts for the oil changes every 3k miles. The car was well maintained. We will have to keep you posted on the outcome.
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Gee 107? Attempted manslaughter or something maybe? I'm sorry i wasn't here earlier, but good luck. I know it'll be hard to do it, but atleast you've got the ball rolling with police reports and such.
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