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Default Imports vs. domestics and trends

Now, lets examine the simple rules of comparing these fine machines and examine some of what to do and what not to do on the street.

1. Apples and Oranges?? Sh*t you dumbass you revved on the guy making that argument null and void. Let the comparison begin....

2. HP per litre?? Sh%t guys.. lets talk about torque and gearing.

3. Freeway races are lame.. ANYONE can push on a gas pedal. Try that Cobra from a dead stop sometime.

4. Got a 4 door accord? There'* no shame in telling people your mom won't let you mod the family car.

5. Don't challenge someone in traffic unless you plan on racing them into the back of the car in front of you.

6. If somone in a car that you know will kick your *** revvs... race em anyway, they will still go home with a big head when you lose, BUT if they f+#kup you'll win and send them home with that sick feeling or make them look like an *** in front of their friends.

7. Look for cops BEFORE you instigate or participate in ANY type of race.

8. Freeway races are like peeping in on your sister taking a shower, yes you can do it, but it'* just gay...

9. You got VTEC, they got TORQUE.

10. You lose? Take it like a man and give thumbs up, don't be an a^%hole about it, your car is slow and the only thing you need to do is get a job and buy more mods.

11. You mod your car and live at home with mom and dad? Move the f%#k out and pay your own bills THEN see how fast your car will be!

12. JDM huh? uh.. no comment

13. To those guys who lean forward at the track and use their entire weight to shift to second gear... DON'T, it shifts the same as it did when you drove there.

14. Girls into imports? It'* your car too? Good, then don't get pissed when a guy asks you "is that your boyfriends car?"

15. Stock civic vs. Mustang GT? IM me where i can send you the sympathy card.

16. Domestic guys... Just remember they do make power adders to imports so don't be surprised if you run into one that kicks your a$*.

17. Import guys.. just remember what they make for your car, they made a LONG time ago for domestics, and it'* typically cheaper.. hmmmm blower!

18. Help I can't break out of the 15'*... it'* cause your car is slow!

19. it'* not NOS it'* N20 or nitrous.

20. Yea but I can take you in the twisties!.. YES PERHAPS.. but I just kicked your A$* in the 1/4.

21. Supra TT w/ single conversion? Good for you, but your girlfriend is still unsatisfied with you in bed.. it'* a size thing guys, deal with it.

22. Don't quote me the "I beat your 80,000 dollar car with my 12,000 dollar car"... hell that guy probably could buy TWO 80,000 dollar cars and still have money leftover for gas.. what about your broke, living at home, part time minimum wage making a$*??

23. My favorite question "If Joo got 5000 dollar what wood joo get".... How about an education.

24. What, me stereotype? *#it, your dumba$* perpetuated that argument the minute you bolted on the altezzas and clamp on muffler tip, slammed on stock rims and big double decker wing.. not me!!!

25. for the last time sit your $%*#(@& seat up so you can see OVER the steering wheel.

26. It'* an automatic? don't pretend it'* a stick at the light, my crazy a$* knows the difference between a manual shift and a vacuum induced one...

27. HONDA != drag car , don't kid yourselves... thats why you catch so much *#!t.

28. Police hassle you a lot?? Try this... grow your hair out, sit seat upright, hat turned around proper way, no white t-shirts, no -baggies and wipe that "hard" look off your face.. I know it'* difficult to look cool in mom and dads hand-me-down 4door accord... but deal with it, we know it'* just transportation for you.

29. See that piece of *#!t boxy looking rusted out piece of *#!t yugo next to you? You dont know how many days i have wanted something like that.. that RAN with no problems, so don't laugh at it.

30. Weight reduction in the car? Try loosing 15lbs that you got from sitting on your a$* all day posting on the internet.
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That was funny....
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I look forward to these stories now...

Its been an interesting twist on "Kill Stories", hmmm I wonder if any other members from other forums lurk here and take our kill stories and play with them...

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You want kill stories?Talk to my little friend(1994 9c1 caprice,impala SS clone).Ive been able to surprise everything so far Mustang-horse tastes like chicken-supra-tastes like chicken-honda tastes like moo shoo pork.Zo6 vette tastes like i just got my A** kicked!!!!!!I cant wait to give the Bonne the Treatment i gave my 9c1!
But at least its all GM and i can smile even though i got it kicked,hhavent had a Camaro SS but why would i turn cannible? Jon
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