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Bill W.: Once again you did it! You showed us a great time and welcomed us all with opened arms. You are truly part of our family. We love you and we already miss you. (That is for later)

O'Neil, Jessica and Andrew: My first and most important family. Jessica and Andrew, thank you for being such wonderful, polite, and well behaved kids and you were great even with all the driving we had to do to get to Great Grandma. Jessica, you need to find a boy like the ones we have in our group. Andrew, you are such a trooper, I am sorry your birthday was not what it was supposed to be. O’Neil, thanks for all the driving, and getting us there and back safe and sound. Of course, I didn’t drive Bone Evil again this year! I love you and next year we get to do it (no pun intended) without the kids.

John: What can I say about you….You are so wonderful, and it is a pleasure knowing you and being your friend. We love visiting you and your family, you always make us feel welcome. Thank you for taking Andrew and making him feel like part of the group, and allowing him to show his pimp’d side!

Paul, Laura and Victor: Thank you for what you did for Andrew for his birthday, and thank you for the card for my Grandmother. It is an honor to be able to call you friends. I am so glad the Bullet is fixed and you got home safe. Paul, even though we razed you about cleaning your car, you are such a good sport, and the Bullet is a beautiful car. Laura, next year, I expect to see you driving the Bullet down the track! Victor, thanks for playing basketball with Andrew…..Oh and next time, Jessica will be ready for your hits!

Matt W.: Mattski! The Polisher! I am so glad that you were able to attend, and thank you for watching over Jessica. You are still one of my boys, no matter how old you get.

Joel: The Great White Hunter! You had the most interesting shirts, and you kept us in stitches! Thanks for helping Jessica practice her flirting techniques!

Bob: What can I say about you Bob, thank you so much once again for taking care of the awards. They were even better than last year. You seemed to know us all so well…maybe a little too well! Thank you for coming again this year, and I am so honored to have you as my friend……Oh and thanks for the vent.

Boosty: I know it took me awhile to come up with my thank yous….but it was hard to find anything nice to say about Boosty. Of course I am only kidding. Bill, you are so funny, and I loved meeting you. Thank you so much for all your help around camp, the stuff you gave O’Neil, the cake for Andrew. I didn’t know what to expect, but I am so lucky to call you friend.

Hans: Hey Potato Boy…..I think that is what everyone was calling you….I know that we could never get your name right…Damn Canadians! Thanks for staying up late with O’Neil every night, and for opening your home to the weary travelers.

Greg: You are hereby adopted as one of my boys! You are always welcome in my home, and consider us your temp family in between your real family . Thank you for taking such great care of Jessica, and allowing her to find her wild side! I am honored to know you, and proud to call you family. Thank you for our talks, and enlightening me. You had better show up at my door for Christmas, there will be a place set for you.

Tracy: Oh my word woman, you are amazing, wild, and wonderful. I am blessed to have you in my life and honored to have you in the “mom” club. You make me want to listen to country music, but only if you are singing it. You were always there, and I thank you for helping around camp, for being the second set of eyes, and for helping me shop. Your kids are so lucky to have you, and please send your daughter out our way, and I know that if Jessica goes out your way, she will be well taken care of. Thank you for making Andrew’* birthday just a little bit nicer. You are truly a lady and deserve all the respect and admiration that I have.

Mike (sse1990): Take this little bit of advice from someone who has been there…..DO NOT GIVE HER THAT SWEATER!!!!!! Okay, I know we came down on you hard, but that was what the trip was all about……I am very happy to have met you. Thanks for coming, and for being such a good sport. :P

Rod and family: Thank you for the experience of sprint car racing. It was just too much fun. Next year however, you are coming to track with us. It was a pleasure to meet all of you, and thank you for allowing us to be part of your vacation. Take care of yourselves.

Travis: I still do not believe that you are a grandfather! Thank you so much for making the trip out to see all of us. Thank you for all your hard work, and the pictures of the babies.

Mike (AWSOME VW Mike): Thanks for all the ice, and for coming out to track and helping out.

Matt *.: Thanks for giving up your shotgun spot for Andrew. Thanks for the wood, and all you did around camp. And of course for making sure another one of my boys made there and back safely.

Shadd: Okay young man, you are no longer allowed to make me cry!!!! Thank you so much for coming, I know how busy you were. Please thank your parents for allowing you come, and for raising such a wonderful man. Like I said, you are what Jessica is supposed to bring home!

If I have forgotten anyone, I am sorry……..Travis, I didn’t forget you this time. For all those who made the long trip to get to this meet, thank you.
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We made it through our trip and home safe and sound. The vibration that started in Medford, OR the first day of our trip ended up being the right hub. We had it in our trunk with us the whole time but the vibration felt like it was on the left side which we had just replaced so we thought it was something else. Should have stopped and had it checked somewhere. We had the hub replaced when we got home and it is good as new now. We enjoyed meeting everyone.

Bill W: You sure did a great job organizing this event. We had a wonderful time meeting everyone. Yes, we are planning to come next year and camp at the KOA with everyone, you won't have to come and get us. When you took the pic of Rod'* rearend it sure is a good thing you had a wide angle lens to get it all in.

Paul, Laura, Victor: It was great meeting you, can't wait for next year. Glad you got your car fixed. Thank you for the flag, it is clipped to my best exhaust award in my office (quite a conversation piece). Rodney Jr. wants to know what a Noob is?

O'Niel, Nicole,Jessica, and Andrew: What a nice family. We enjoyed meeting you and just hanging out at the KOA. We plan to join evreyone at the KOA next year. Hope your move into your new home goes smoothly.

Bob: We enjoyed meeting you. Thank You for all your collaberation with Bill on the awards, specifically (best exhaust). We had a lot of fun and plan to come next year. We are going to buy the water blade for our car today.

Tracy: Very nice to met you. You were great to visit with, hope you get to come next year, we are going to go again. You can come see us in California anytime. Sorry I was mis-quoted on my picture that was Bill taking it without his SHORTS on not you.

Boosty: Nice to meet you, what a friendly guy. Hope you can get your team together again next year and come out again.

Greg: What a drive out by yourself, good thing you had Barney for company on the way home. Not exactly sure what he uses as a pickup line for the babes, Rodney Jr. would like to know.

Hans: We enjoyed meeting you. Hopefully next year we will get to spend more time visiting with everyone. Hope you get to come again.

Matt W: What can I say you are a great guy, like your new bonneville. And your post about how good looking you are, eh.

Joel: Enjoyed meeting you. Hope to see you again next year.

Mike: Nice to meet you. It will be a pleasure to have you and your camera back next year. Hope all is well.

Travis: Great to meet you. Hope we get to see you next year. Also, hope we get as many miles out of our bonne as you have on yours.

Matt *: Nice to meet you. Hope to see you next year.

Shadd: Only got to talk to you for a short time but enjoyed meting you. Hopefully, you can come again next year. How often do you have to buy new tires? Get that solid motor mount made, it is quick and easy to make, you will feel the difference.

John: Nice to meet you. Glad you were able to use those REI chairs. Hope to see you next year.

To All: We had a great time with all of you. You made us feel like part of your family from the minute we arrived. We are sure sorry we missed all the fun at the drags but enjoyed the Mongolian Barbeque and just hanging out at the KOA. Hated the movie "Lady In The Water". We plan to join you at the KOA next year, can't wait for the drags. Glad everyone made it home safely. What can we say about our Best Exhaust Award. It is awesome. It is in my office at work with my flag clipped to it, quite a conversation piece. My staff have taken to following me to my car after work to hear my exhaust. Only problem is now they have figured out it'* my car that sets off all the car alarms in the parking garage everyday. Not from being to loud but from that low deep (Willwren"that makes my nipples hard") rumble. The list of all the awards was great to see. You were all so friendly, I am not really sure what I expected but meeting a big group of people that are all friends at once can be tense. You all made us feel comfortable. Enjoyed the time we spent together, everyones cars, and ideas. Hope to see you all again next year.[/b]

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Rodney Jr. wants to know what a Noob is?
For some reason I didn't get a notification on this post so only read your response just now.
A Noob is someone "new" like inexperienced, naive, immature, hasn't got a clue, never tried before, etc....
It is a term used on internet forums that Victor plays interactively with others around the world. Don't take it seriously. Victor really liked Rod. It was good he had friends close to his own age.

I am just now also finding out things about the Meet that I didn't know before.

Like, I should be pissed at Greg for letting Victor, who is only 15 and only driven a couple of times, drive his Bonne down Race Road at 100 mph with my drunk wife in his back seat...........thank God I have life insurance on both of them.
Then he let my tipsy wife drive it with my son in the car. He is a true adrenaline junky.

This was an incredible Meet.
My only regret is that I didn't really get a chance to talk more in person with all the wonderful people that showed up this year. There is so much I wanted to ask each member and so little time.
Maybe next year I will give up my pillow and A/C and stay at the KOA with the rest of you. The Holiday Inn was just too comfy but kept us almost as outsiders. :(

I also regret not letting more members drive the Bullet. I let O'Neil race it once and Boosty drive down Race Road. For some reason I feel that I've known you all a lot longer than 3 years. Just great guys.
I had intended to let everyone elso drive it but then the race fuel was limiting me because I was trying to optimize my fuel level and it really wasn't because I didn't trust you. You are all fantastic drivers.

John, I remember the first year when I offered to let you take her for a drive down Race Road and you declined because I'm not sure why...maybe because your Dad was there or because you were not confident enough I don't know but next year you better take it for a burn. You are like a son to me. That was awkward to say because we are all'* just that I'm feeling old today now that I'm 52 years old.

Tracy, I know we have flirted many times over the forum and I hope you know it is all in fun although at times my testosterone gets the better of me and I wish I were 10 or 20 years younger. You are a lovely wonderful person. I love your eyes, your interest in cars is a turn on and I was always a breast man.

I am a little disappointed with the impression all had of my exhaust sound.
As much as I dislike Ricers, I hated the reference to that term and my $1000 exhaust. It only confirms my belief that an unrestricted V6 will never sound like an unrestricted V8 like my other cars. My bet is that Rod'* exhaust would sound a lot different without the Cat. Case in point is the much nicer sound when Bill installed the resonator. I am happy Rod won the prize, don't get me wrong. I don't really care about winning anything. Rod is very experienced with race cars and should be proud of what he had done to his Bonne. He knows things we can all benefit from.

Anyone want to buy my Ricer wipers. They only cost me $40.

Oh yea and one more thing. I hope that I didn't offend anyone with my old habits. .....some day I will grow up.
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NEXT year at this time, we need to dig this post up, and remember exactly what it is that we need to do..'re staying at KOA next year in a tent..we had a blast, barbequing pancakes, sucking ATF outta Bone-Evil, and Boostys Hurricane wake up call..whats a hurricane anyway? lol
We didnt really do much of a key swap this year..for some reason or another, but id love to have more people drive my car so i can drive theirs..I drove the Zilla, Boostys car...that was about it..
I think next year we will have atleast ten more people...
i predict that anyways..
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