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Default Big THANK YOU to WCBF attendees

WOW, what a great event. 3rd year and it went wonderfully! Perfect weather, lots of new members and plenty of PB'*!

Bill W.: Thanks for all your work in arrangeing discounts and letting us rade you apartment on monday for pic uploading, etc... Hopefully next year you'll have better luck with your cell phone bill.

O'Neil, Nichole, Jessica and Andrew: Had a great time in Seattle before the meet. Sorry about the heat exhaustion due to no A/C in the Bonnie. :( Glad to see Bone Evil out tearing up the track. Super Evil is totally badass! Good luck with the new house. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother Nichole, but at least you were prepared for it. Jess, don't go chasing after boys too old Happy Birthday Andrew!

Paul, Laura and Victor: It was a pleasure to spend time with you before during and after the meet! Glad that the bullet got fixed, still can't belive the littlest things can totally shut down a car :o Your genourous giving of flags is absoulutly awsome, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thank you very much for the salmon, can't wait to try some! Victor, good luck with high school next year and hope you do well with basketball; show em' how it'* done

Matt W.: Really happy to see you in another bonneville, and enjoying it! Red Deer won't be forgoten. Hope you don't have to change any belts in the near future I'll get gravenge'* tired arse up there someday.

Joel: Great to see you again. Glad to see you got a girlfriend So, when are you going to get a bonneville?! Oh, and thanks for not taking your shirt off and blinding everyone

Bob: Thank you so much for the cordination with Bill W. in cordinating the awards, talk about ******* awsome! Great job; and congrats on the racing and trophy. You are most deserving of that out of everyone. You don't take enough credit for what you do, so I'm happy to see you in the lime-light

Boosty: Well, I didn't quite know what to expect from you, but you are one helluva awsome guy. I apriciate all the help and advice you gave me. Your trip out west was unbeliveable, and a definate first for the club.

Hans: Damn it was good to finally meet the member that the 93 SSEi went to! Thanks for the shirt and hat, completly un-necessary. Hope you get a many more miles out of her, she'* a beautiful car!

Greg: Um, dude, are you insane? I know I could not do that drive, but I'm am in utter shock that you have. It was a pleasure meeting you and look forward to next year.

Tracy: You are the North Eastern PontiacMom You are an absoulute sweetheart! I hope you can continue to make it out west for our meet. Let us know when you get your SLE to the track!

Mike (sse1990): Talk about last minute eh? You are a great guy with a lot to offer, and I hope you will move on with your life with your head held high. DAMNIT, I don't think you ever drove my car! Well, there'* always next year, right?!

Rod and family: If I had a 2000+ SSEi, I'd be stealing your exhaust! Beautiful car and glad to see you making the trip for a coupla days and to hang out with us wierdo'*. You need to get that car to the track next year when you're at WCBF! I hope the rest of the race tour went well, and drop in sometime when you're in the area!

Travis: Who would think that a car of that many miles could kick that much *** at the track, let alone make trips of this magnatude! Will we get to see the car next year with over 300,000 miles?!

Mike (AWSOME VW Mike): Car ran great at the track! It was great meeting you! Keep Bill in check at HP, and don't work too hard

Matt *.: My supply truck driver/ best friend, thanks for making the trip! Had a great time and I apriciate your services. You need to start looking for your own Bonneville to replace that Maxima

Shadd: I'm very glad you could make it out this year. I know you tried your very best, and it wouldn't have been the same without you. Congratz on the car and how fast it'* running! Hope to see you in September for the Off-Road park in Cle-Elum!

~Great meet everyone! To everyone that missed it, hope to see you next year! I don't belive I have forgotten anyone, plase forgive me if I have.

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Thanks for starting this one, John. I'll get mine up tonight, along with a re-cap of all the awards.
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Very nice, John. I second all of that. It was great to meet everyone!
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Default Re: Big THANK YOU to WCBF attendees

It was a blast, as I mentioned to bob yesterday it was probably the best vacation I have ever had in my life (as longer vacations go). It felt like a day but was a week. I was able to meet all you crazys I talk to on a daily basis over the computer.

Bill W: You did a great job of organizing everything, the internet at your house was refresing, I has fiending hard for it, thanks for the fix. Your car is awesome, never really got to punch it from the line but 2nd gear WOT was enough for me. thanks for the award, it is proudly sitting on top of my desk here at work. :: Thanks for playing with my avatar and signature.

O'Neil, Nichole, Jessica and Andrew: It was fun meeting you guys, O'neil -- you are probably one of the funniest guys I have ever met. Nichole - you are awesome as well, Jessica and Andrew outta be lucky to have you as a their mom. Oh yeah.... Happy Birthday Andrew!

Paul, Laura and Victor: Thanks for the flag. I think I can say the Bullet is the nicest bonneville I have ever seen condition wise. Just loose the windshield wiper wings lol. Oh the flags are great, have it sitting in my cubicle right now. Victor - PM me your address, I will hook you up with some CDs I have like we discussed.

Matt W: Nice to meet you in person. I wont hold your excessive use of "Eh" Aganist you. you need to make sure to "break in" that backseat more often. its freakin mint. Well actually the whole car is but hopefully by next year you will get yourself a nice little pulley etc. I'll have to bring something up from Idaho next year to match visors......Oh yeah thanks for the scantool, it will be dang useful.

Joel: Your a good guy....Your t-shirts cracked me up...I need to get some offensive shirts of my own.

Bob: You are probably the nicest guy that showed up to the meet in regards to making sure noone is left behind and everyone is having a good time. You always put everyone'* interests above yourself and it showed. Congrats on the trophy and cash you won.

Boosty: Well you were just as I expected actually. However a little nicer than orginally expected. I see why the NEBFs are such a blast now. Did not get a chance to steal the swoopies off your car...maybe next year. I still think your crazy for driving nonstop to idaho.

John: Damn it was good to finally meet the member that drove 5 hours to look at a car for me. Completely unnessary. Your a good guy for sure and I owe you next year.

Greg: ha ha. fu**ing alaska huh? what 2 thousand miles? I thought 600 was a long drive.

Tracy: As john mentioned earlier you are a sweetheart for sure. I wish my mom as a cool down to earth as you are.

Mike (sse1990): Eh? Eh? I hope the meet got your mind back to normal after the recent life events going on. Really hope so. It was a blast having you out here.

Rod and family: Rod - your car is mint and my favorite color for the 2000+.....your airbox design blew me away but really is not a bad idea at all.

Shadd: Hey your burnouts were awesome, poor poor tires...your car was cool though for sure. Also makes me want to come to the "dark side" as you mentioned.

Travis: Your car is the car that made me want a 97+. and I still think you stole someone else'* odometer since that car looks like it has maybe 100,000 miles. Performs like one with 50,000.

Mike (AWSOME VW Mike): As much as I hate jettas, yours was sweet. whoever would have thought of a supercharged jetta?

Matt *.: Your a funny guy, even though you drive a ford. but hey thats a pretty sweet looking for at that, but hey a bonneville would look good in a trailer behind that ford
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Default Re: Big THANK YOU to WCBF attendees

driverjohn It'* only been a couple months, but it'* always a pleasure. Despite your cam sensor issues, you stuck it out to the end, competed, and showed yourself well. You're still a true friend of mine. 3 years in a row WCBF'ing together. Next year, we make our 4th consecutive test run at Woodburn side by side again.

O'Neil, Nichole, Jessica and Andrew: The original Pfamily. You are truly my family. It was GREAT to see the kids again, and for the old folks, I can't thank you enough for your leadership and organizing, not to mention cooking dinner for the entire group out of your own pocketbooks. You deserve the respect and praise from everyone who ever met you. Happy Birthday again, Andrew! I ate birthday cake for breakfast today. Our thoughts and prayers are also with you for your loss. Get home safe.

Paul, Laura and Victor: Despite your troubles with the car (thank god you got it fixed now), you stuck to it and kept the same Bernardo attitude you've had forever. It was great to see you all again, and Bo misses you! Happy Birthday old Man!

Matt W.: What can I say? 3 SSEi'* at the age of what? 14? Matt, you're a good friend. It was fantastic to see you again, and to have you show the same excitement for the meet and your new ride as before. I can honestly say I've never seen or heard a bad attitude out of you yet.

Joel: Jolson the Canadian. I'm drinking a Molson (leftovers) for you as I type. My tires (is that Tyres in canuck?) are still screaming in pain because of you. Good to see you again, bud. Your help in the pits the last two years in a row were keys to our success. See you again next year! (Get a tan before you come).

Bob: Stock-Bob. Who would have imagined? That trophy couldn't have gone to a better home. I hope the girls are as proud as we are. You've become like a brother to me. You are a cool class act through and through. It was GREAT working on the awards with you. Looking forward to it next year! Say hello to Thomas for all of us when you shove the trophy in his face!

Boosty: You're still Eastbound. I'm still hoping for your safety. You cleaned house in the awards out here for a reason, particularly the Gearhead Cocktail. We knew each other pretty well before you got here, and you confirmed my suspicions. You are a NUT. For a track noob, you did pretty damn well, old fart. Pretty damn well. One of my 3 highlights of the meet was 6 runs of heads-up test/tune runs at Woodburn. Hilarious fun.

Hans: I'm glad that SSEi worked out for you too! It'* amazing how that whole deal went down. I look forward to watching it improve between now and WCBF07! I can't thank you enough for the hospitality you showed by opening the potato-shack for the Westbound crew! You're a kick in the shorts, Hans. Especially around the campfire and on the strip!

Greg: Talk about a nut. I still can't believe you pulled it off. I just talked to Boost (in Indiana) and he told me you're less than 5 hours from the end of your journey. The best pic I have of you here sums it up the best. Bending over my jack between two cars that weren't even yours. And the whole time you were here, it was about everyone else but you. You're a character with a ton of character.

Tracy: I swear to god, every time I hear the name TRACY, I'm going to laugh and be grateful at the same time. The NE 'Mom'. Organizing, watching out for everyone, and most of all for me, the friendship and FANTASTIC moral support in the staging lanes. That meant so much to me that I can't express it. Keep an eye on the NE'ers for us, will you?

Mike (sse1990): Old friend. I'm so happy you made it out here. I hope in some small way we helped you through a tough time. I never thought we'd meet due to the miles between us. I hope and pray you can make it next year, but promise me something, Mice. Take fewer pics, ok? (your vids are amazing though! )

Rod and family: FINALLY we got one of those damned cars from my Native State! I was tickled pink to see you at the KOA and I'm grateful you could fit the meet into your schedule! All four of you are GREAT people. The best of the best. You're coming next year if I have to come down and get you!

Travis: You sir, are the most insane of the insanity-bound idiots. I can't believe you did it. If I had to be eliminated in one class and scramble to compete in another, it couldn't have been better with anyone else. You're pretty cool for a grampa. It was pretty damn cool watching that car do what it did, and hanging out for an extra round in another class with you. We raised some eyebrows and pissed off a couple people, methinks.
Glad you made it home OK, and I hope it was memorable enough to bring you back next year!

Mike Get back to work. And when you're done, find me some local 5x115 15" steelies for my drag slicks. That Pit Crew award better be on your mantle away from the cats.

Matt *.: Caddy Matt. You were new this year, but I already knew alot about you. Almost like I new you already. You fit in like a veteran, and your help was crucial to our success. Next year, ICE RUN! But bring a bigger trick, will ya?

Shadd: Wildman. The aftermath here has been just as exhilirating as watching you run again! We are forever the reaction-time-brothers from Woodburn. You, me, and the other idiot from WA. August. 3 more PB'*. Be there. And quit making Pmom cry. That was almost too much to keep quiet.

Now on to the awards. If I can read the list Bob and I made after Pdad spilled beer on it:

WCBF '06 Survivor. Laser engraved plaque. Everyone got one!

WCBF '04 and '05 were reintroduced and presented.

Best ET-2000SilverBullet. 13.5ish! And this was with a shaved belt?

Highest Trap- Shadd with a 103.xx? Insane.

Best Reaction Time-willwren with a 0.008. Damn proud of that one.

Best 60'- Pdad, again? 3rd year in a row probably?

Best Burnout-presented the guy running on rims right now. Shadd again!

Best whiner (car related, not attitude related) - willwren. We have to rename this SCREAMER.

Best Exhaust- rrounds (it'* really Cindy'* car). Amazing!

Best Performance Mods- Travis. 2 weeks before the meet, the visit to INTENSE at CEBF did the trick, eh?

Best Cosmetic Mods- Boosty, with his custom interior mods and amazing attention to detail.

Best interior- to the mint 2000Silverbullet and classy Pontiac shoulder pads.

Best Exterior-to Echo SSEi, and it'* gorgeous girlie-color!

Best Engine- To my CD2 Padwan, Matt. Amazing use of the goop!

Best Audio- Cheetah. Not just the audio, but the other gear. Renaming this car the Porcupine would be good!

Long Distance Award- Boosty. By a mere 30 miles over sse1990!

Bonne Personality- Hans. For his hospitality at the potato shack for th westbound crew. This stopover was critical for the logistics and safety of our members.

Bonne Adversity- to sse1990, who put adversity behind him to come out here. Despite his worries and grief, he kept high spirits throughout the meet.

Bonne Originality- driverjohn. Who else would put a <-----working link! banner on a Ford? And drive a bubble-butt with cloth seats?

Pit crew awards: Pmom, Greyhare, Caddy Matt, and Jolson the Canadian. Your help was the team effort that pushed us to success again!

OUTSTANDING Pit Crew member- Boosty. I've never seen someone gang-bang a bonneville before this. It'* scary.

Most Improved Member- Tracy. All-around great person. From new member obscurity to a key member of the forum and the NE crowd. Always watching out for others.

Most Improved Car- driverjohn. Gravenge has come a LONG way (but still lacks the spoiler I GAVE you for Xmas). Keep it up!

Tracy was presented with a special award and recognition for July COTM. We took care of her. An identical print hangs on my wall of fame.

Matt was presented with a memorial for Red Deer by driverjohn. Beautiful work.

Boost was presented with a Gearhead Cocktail. We'll leave the description and pics to him to share.

The bracket racing trophy has gone to Arizona for the year. Well deserved, and proudly won and earned by Echo SSEi'* pilot.

Hans recognized John for his help in purchasing the Potato-mobile.

And others I probably am too embarassed to share, or can't remember through my sleep-deprived fog.

Gnight, all. Save journey.

Final tally on the race gas? 73 gallons for a total of $441 US! (that'* $7,890.45 Canadian, eh?) Good work!

And to whoever mixed the **** in amongst all my meet vids on my desktop? Revenge will be served in 07.
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Default Re: Big THANK YOU to WCBF attendees

well put bill

Originally Posted by willwren
You're pretty cool for a grampa
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oops, I added shadd to my list
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I can’t possibly match the eloquence of the posts above.

It was great being able to put faces to names. Now I just need to keep them all sorted in my head.

Being the “odd duck”, I must thank everyone for making me feel welcome and part of the group.

Is it next year yet?
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Plans have already begun for '07.
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Default Re: Big THANK YOU to WCBF attendees

I am not good at these. So please keep this in mind while reading.

I HAD A BLAST. I don't care who thinks I am the biggest nut, retart, dumbass, "you drove how far again?". I LOVED IT AND WANT MORE!!!

driverjohn John, I will not forget you standing over the bed, trying to get me up the day of the meet. Thanks for having me over and giving me directions, cleaning my winshield and making sure I got down to the meet

O'Neil, Nichole, Jessica and Andrew: If I don't go to Michigan for X-mas, expect a suprise visit. Y'all were great fun. O'Neil; your the man behind the BBQ pit; Nichole, thanks for the great conversations and Jess, keep practicing getting your head out the sunroof!

Paul, Laura and Victor: Paul, thanks for explaning all the little do-dads that you had in your car. Beautiful ride and hopefully now it runs better than it did. Glad to hear that you made it home safe!

Matt W.: Thanks for the 1+ hour on the phone the weekend before the meet. Not everyone is willing to go out of their way to make sure I have and did everything that I need to do before such a drive.

Joel: You are one cool guy. Don't woory about what anyone says about you not having a tan cause I am right there with you. We need to bring some lady friends to toe pool for next year!.

Bob: AKA Stock-Bob, AKA Dad Bob, Thanks for all of the emails, directions, phone numbers that you gave me more than once and for all other help that you gave me for the meet.

Boosty: Go Go Gadget Boost!!!! All the parts, the pontiac bag (which the box is still not opened!) and showing me and answering all of my questions on any of the cars that were being worked on.

Hans: Hands!! Sup Sup! LOL, I'm kidding, jeez. One nice car you have there and I hope all of the lil glitches are fixed with it. Maybe I'll swing around thru Idaho before I hit WCBF 07 next year!

Tracy: County Girl We never got to go dancing; but then there is next year! It was great meeting you and hanging out.

Mike (sse1990): Thanks for all of the pics and that conversations about you forum and relationships. Hope to see you and that '90 out there next year. I hope everything works out for you

Rod and family: Rod, I did not get a whole lot of time to talk to you but when I did, I gained IQ points! Great family, sense of humor and car. Glad you had a safe trip back to Cali.

Travis: Your cool for an old guy and a grandpa even. You don't act your age....KEEP IT UP!!

Matt *.: If you somehow end up with a Bonnie before next year, pull her down with that truck! Thanks for lettin me take her for a spin. Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet up again next year and even more stories

Shadd: Farmboy! Not too sure what to say other than I hope you did not put any ricer to shame on the way back home. Pleaseur meeting you and looking foreward to next year.

Barney Thanks for the company on the way home. How did you pick up that chick??
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A special thanks goes out to Will. You helped me with trying to get me places to stay along the way, trying your best to see where I was at and willing to help me in any way. I only hope that I can sometime repay the favor. Than you very much!

By The Way...Start brewing now. I love that stuff
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