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Default Need Help with the Bose setup...

Anyone can respond. Please remember if you do, I know there are better sounding and more costly options, but I need all the trunk real estate I have and can't have a stupidly loud system because I use this car for traveling for my job with VP'* and customers. And since this car is going to be visiting the strip often, I dont want a rolling DJ booth. Just want to firm up my lows.

Also, I work on the south side of Syracuse NY and have had my truck broken into once for my stereo equipment. Some of the places I have to travel for work are in less than desireable places to park a car, it needs to be low budget and stealth.

Besides I am a tweaker anyway.



Ok, the Bose system in the SSEi SUKS! Well, the mids and highs are good, and have enough power to get me a ticket in this tight assed town. But the lows suck, anymore than half way and it all drops out. Now here I what I am looking to do, and have some questions.

Back in the day when I was a lower case 'g' (1997) waiting for my sub box for my (2) Boston 12'* to be built for my 79 Hooptie, I hooked my Cerwin-Vega (when they were a good speaker company) 3-way 6x9'* to my Kenwood Sub amp, crossed it out at about 85Hz and had some fun, infact many thought I had a 10 in trunk. While they were not increadably loud, they would drop like a **** and would go reasonably loud.

That is about all I am looking to do here. The SSEi rear deck has some crappy Bose branded 6x9s and some crappy Bose Highs. I want to scrap the 6x9'* and install the CVs that I still have stored at home. (They were in the Trans Am for a while but he stock delcos sounded better, as the old 80'* delcos are real heavy on the highs with aftermarket speakers.) And then buy another Kenwood amp (I sold the origional to my lil bro for $50 last fall :cartman:, and he wont let it go for anything) and run the 6x9s with that amp with lows only. The stock deck will run the ****ty rear highs for some surround imaging. Is there anything in the Bose 'Dynamic Equilization' that would not allow this to happen? When I put the fader to the front the 6x9'* still put out bass, just like my cousins accord with the Bose option (BTW, stock it still sounds light years ahead of this GM/Bose ****), but the bass is not as loud as when it is faded 50-50. Is this going to be a problem with an aftermarket amp installed to the line-level outputs at the rear speakers, after it goes thru all the Bose crap?

If this does not produce the sound I want, then I am going to get a Bazooka or Boston 10" and run the 6x9'* full range off the deck. The front stage is really good, suprisingly, and has really good imaging so I dont want to screw with that. Just sucks that my $50 Altec Lansing Computer speakers have better lower end then this $900 Bose option. My Buddy has a 1995 Z28 with the Bose Gold and I can hear him thumping when he is comming, sarahs brothers Bose in his 1996 Z can shake the china cabinet in their house. WTF!
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I think in the Z their is a sub in the rear thats why its shakes the cabinets. Id just go with a bass tube and mount it under the rear deck lid in the trunk.
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Actually I don't mind the bose speakers in my 98 ssei. The didn't sound very good when I had the stock deck in the car though. When I put my alpine 7894 deck out of my old bonnie it was a night and day difference. I get real crisp highs now when before it was all kinda muddled. With the 2 alpine type r 12" subs with about 400 watts to each one I get plenty of bass.
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Alright my friend has a 95 Gr Am and he also wanted a nice kicking sound but didnt want it to loud as to upset his passengers. He went out and bought a I think it was a 600w pioneer 10" basstube. This basstube is self powered and is no bigger then a small dufflebag. He set this up right behind his back seat and it sounded awesome.
You could also just buy a good set of 6x9'* and hook a small amp mounted under your rear deck to them. By good set I dont mean 69.95 I mean 150-200$.
Anyways good luck on trying to get some good sound in you SsEi.
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