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Default Kill that whining noise from your amp/stereo system

Just food for thought for anyone having an annoying whining sound when you have your engine running and your aftermarket amp on. The whining will increase with the RPM of the engine, a high pitch whine that gets higher as you rev the engine. Well, this sounds too easy, but my problem was HORRIBLE and I solved it quickly and easily by doing this: First, crank the gain back on your amp or amps to about half or a little past half instead of driving it wide open, then crank up your signal from your head unit to your amp under settings on your head unit if it has such settings. Mine is a pioneer AVIC F-90BT which has an adjustable drive gain to push a stronger signal to your amp. Sounds to simple doesn't it? I couldn't believe it took out 99 percent of the noise to where you have to turn the volume all the way down on the head unit and rev the engine to BARELY hear any I added a ground loop isolator to the RCA input at the amp and that took out the other 1 percent. A ground loop isolator is not likely to CURE any noise problems by itself, but it will reduce if you have it ALMOST gone, it will finish the least it did for me. Bestbuy has them for 17.95 each. Just so everyone knows, I tried EVERYTHING first...such as: run RCA wires completely separate from your power wires such as left side of car gets RCA cables, Right side gets power cable. Then use a short heavy gauge ground for your amp. Use only quality RCA cables. Use heavy gauge power wire. Don't run RCA cables near ANY power source..mount amp on wood, not metal. And of course, use a good quality amp. IF you have done that and still have a whine..then its not your fault. Crank the gain back some and I guarantee it will reduce it quite a will have to turn your volume up higher to get the same punch but the whine won't increase with the volume in most cases..comes from gain of amp. Now, if the whine is coming from the WILL increase as you increase the that case, it probably is a ground issue, try grounding the case of the head unit to a nearby metal surface on the chassis. IF all else fails you..I hear there is a filter that can be installed at your alternator that will reduce or rid the noise..I have not tried this and don't need to..but I hear it is an option. I hope this helps someone, because NOT ONE installer in my area could figure out that anything was wrong with my install, because there is nothing wrong with it. They tried to blame the amp..I humored them and let them try another amp. Same whine, so I suggested cutting gain back and they murmured amongst themselves, but I cut the gain back and upped signal from stereo and they couldn't believe how it killed that whine!
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yo i no exackley wat your talking about, when u turn up the speakers and u dont turn on the music the speakers mirror the sounds of the engine through out the entire car, its pretty funny, it dosent bother me
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