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Default The grocerygetter needs worked on!

I love this sight. I have gone through many of the messages posted trying to find the ones that pertain to my 3 problems. I have got some of the info., and I think it makes sense, but let me give you the full jist to see what everyone thinks.

I have a 95 SE Bonneville; about 91K miles on her. I noticed about 9 months ago that the steering column shakes mainly once I hit 55-60 MPH. It does get worse when the speed is increased. I had a balance, rotation, and alignment done-1 about 8 months ago and a 2nd last weekend. I go to school about an hour away so I travel on the interstate, and I feel the exact same things-nothing has fixed this problem. The steering column shakes and I had a mechanic ride with me so I could show him what the heck it was doing. He did see the shake and felt the right, front passenger area shake in the floor board. At first all the mechanics told me that everything was fine-man were they blowing me smoke. The tires are fine-round with no bumbs.

The second problem has to do with the oil gauge. I did read some posts, and mine does the same. When it has warmed up-even after an hour or two, the gauge bounces all over. Well sometimes it stays above 40, other times it is in the read, and at other times the gauge bounces from red to 40-50. I did have the sensor cleaned, but it hasn't fixed the problem. Is this how these cars are supposed to operate. I saw many posts for this same problem. One of the mechanics said that if the cleaned sensor, and an oil change didn't fix the problem-they suggested replacing the oil pump.

Last problem-the car idles really rough. I had a tune-up done, but it just sounds like the engine is resltess and I feel it in in the steering column as well. I feel a rough vibration in the steering column at rest.

I had all these problems fixed or replaced twice and the problems still exist. So, before I take it in again, and they charge me to tear the car apart, I want to make sure or at least have other ideas and possiblities of what the problems might I can nip this in the bud because the car is starting to scare me when I drive home on the weekends to see family and friends.


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If you feel the stering wheel vibrate at idle thats a good chance you need a motor mount. That'* what my friend said who has been a mech. for like 20 years said was the problem. He changed it on my car, and it was fixed.
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I test drove a Bonneville last year I was looking to buy and that car had the vibrating steering wheel at all speeds. the wheel would literally shake as you drove the car! I refused to buy the car because of that problem exactly. Grip the steering wheel and try to move it up and down (not using excessive force.) does the wheel move?

For the rough idle, you could try running a bottle of Sea Foam through a half tank of gas, that stuff works great. You can also remove your throttle body hose (plastic) and the MAF sensor with the engine running and spray carb cleaner into the engine as it runs. (It WILL stall if you don't keep adjusting the throttle by hand as you do this. Only spray for a second or two at a time while chaning revs constantly. (Don't over-rev though. I never went over around 2,500 RPM.)
You might also want to have a vacuum check done on the car. If there is a leak in the vacuum this can cause a rough idle, also a PCV valve will do it too.
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i wonder if the 'shake' and rough idle are related. at 55 and up on the interstate, you'll be in converter lock up [overdrive], thus lowering the engine rpm'*. maybe the fuel system is full of junk, possibly partially clogging the injectors, and at low rpm causing a random miss fire, thus the shake in the powertrain.

just a thought, but being in converter lock up will magnify a miss fire.
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as to your first problem,the dealer told me it was my strut caps(bearings) were worn out. he also wanted $400 to change them. the parts are only 30-40 bucks.i got a freind whos going to do them next week.ill let you know if it works.
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for some reason my bonneville seems to ride the smoothest at 80-85 mph. Really comfortable freeway driver...
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