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Default Mac Tools US Nationals 2009 in Indianapolis

My friend Austin and I went to the MTUSN09I (I made that up) on the last day it was here in Indianapolis, September 7th. We arrived mid-day, toured all the teams' trucks, saw the large row of John Force trailers, met some drivers, and I offended a race team assistant because he was mainly sponsored by Fram.

We met drivers like this guy, some person I don't know.

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The drivers were either racing or talking to fans, and teams had engine & transmission parts as well as chassis pieces all over the place. Here'* a full titanium bell housing with one of the most awesome input shafts I've ever seen. It'* so light that one guy came by and picked it up with one arm.

Name:  CIMG0038.jpg
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This team, the same people with the unidentified driver and pictured bell housing, had 4 engines that they were manhandling before the races.

Name:  CIMG0039.jpg
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I couldn't see what was going on here:

Name:  CIMG0036.jpg
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More stuff:

Name:  CIMG0040.jpg
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Name:  CIMG0041.jpg
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The guy on the far right, facing away from the camera and wearing the Summit racing shirt, is Summit race team driver Ken Bernstein. I saw him standing around but was too busy taking pictures to greet him.

Name:  CIMG0049.jpg
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The JEGS racing guys!

Name:  CIMG0051.jpg
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These guys had a completely trashed oil pan, so they likely lost a rod. Oddly enough, they were selling off 7 rods with one of them, the one by the valves, missing a piece. There were some piston heads but not many, and a DVD apparently found its way in the middle of all of this.

Name:  CIMG0053.jpg
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Racing! The pictures of the cars are of them stopped after a burnout. They were too fast and too loud for proper pictures.

Name:  CIMG0054.jpg
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Name:  CIMG0058.jpg
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Then my friend Austin & I went to look at some more stuff away from the racetrack. Here'* a huge rotor & caliper set, with Austin'* hand right next to it, not behind it at all.

Name:  CIMG0059.jpg
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More parts:

Name:  CIMG0060.jpg
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Here'* a NASCAR vehicle that was at the side of the track. Probably something for people to pose next to it. Notice the carbon fiber spoiler and its peeling top coat. GM must have painted it...

Name:  CIMG0065.jpg
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Name:  CIMG0067.jpg
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Can someone identify this? We found a Toyota V8 with a supercharger. It looks awesome!

Name:  CIMG0068.jpg
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Here are some Dodge engine & transmission pictures. Check out those true hemi heads!

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So, is this a "Ford Bonneville?" Notice the V8 head has 3 exhaust outlets. Very Ford-y of it.

Name:  CIMG0083.jpg
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Comp Cams truck!

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If you were watching this live on the Speed channel, this is what you would have seen at the end. The US Army top fuel dragster beat some other one and won the whole thing. The one that lost apparently had to hit the brakes and therefore did "only" a ~5 sec 1/4 mile at slightly over 200mph.

Name:  CIMG0090.jpg
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From NHRA Story » Mac Tools U.*. Nationals event notebook
Pro finals (5 p.m.): Hector Arana scores his first U.*. Nationals win in Pro Stock Motorcycle, beating Michael Phillips, 7.02 to 7.08.

Jeg Coughlin wins his fourth U.*. Nationals title (three in Pro Stock) by just .001-second over Greg Stanfield, 6.689 to 6.691, after Stanfield, seeking his first Indy win, got a .001-second edge at the Tree.

Ashley Force Hood becomes a two-time Indy winner, backing up her 2004 Alcohol Dragster title by beating teammate Robert Hight, whose engine goes away in a flash of fire at the top end, in the Funny Car final.

Tony Schumacher does what he does best: Win Indy. For a class-record-tying eighth time, the US Army driver collects Indy gold, winning easily when Larry Dixon'* mount breaks traction.

And that concludes the 55th annual Mac Tools U.*. Nationals, which will rightly take its place among the legendary predecessors of this magnificent event.
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