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Default Radiator Filter; Sounds like an excellent thing to have.

Excellent Article on Okgpc.com / Forum under the Drivetrain Topics.
The article is entitled The Dex-Cool Saga.
It gives extremely valuable information and has great pictures.
Has a link where you can purchase a Radiator Filter from carbitz.org.
He'* got me convinced to purchase one. Check it out.
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Originally posted by SyntheticShield
[br]After two oil analysis came back with high sodium and high silicon levels I knew I had a problem. Everything to me screamed coolant leak, yet I had not positive indications of a coolant leak. I was preparing to replace the LIM gaskets but decided to check the simple stuff first.

To make a long story short, I had not done a thourough flush when I replaced the coolant elbow last year. So I had a bit of Dex-Cool left in with some Prestone green coolant. I knew of the issues with Dex-Cool and wanted to avoid that but hand not yet done a good flush on the system.

Well as it began to warm up this year I notice my coolant temps were getting higher and higher, even reaching 210 while on the highway. Obviously this is not good or necessarily normal as I have a 180* T-stat in.

So I set out to flush the coolant. When I pulled the drain plug nothing would drain out. I could see through the radiator cap opneing it was full of coolant, but nothing was coming out. So I get really concerned that my radiator is plugged and was contemplating a replacement with a ZZP oversized radiator.

One thing led to another and I was finally able to get the coolant to drain. But not before I had to use my Pela oil extractor, shoving a hose down in the radiator to suck out the coolant and hopefully what was plugging it up.

Below is a sample of what I was pulling out of the radiator and my solution to hopefully preventing it from happening again.

The dredded Dex-Cool sand:

My New filter:

What was trapped in just the 10 or so minutes it took to bleed the air from the system:

I love the filter and it is continuing to grab stuff out of the system. I ran a radiator cleaner all last week and drained it out this weekend and replaced with distilled water and another bottle of cleaner. My goal is to let the filter capture all it can and then take it and get it professionally flushed this weekend. The efforts are definately paying off as my temps are returning to normal.

Before it was nothing to run 190+ on the highway and if it were hot enough outside I would be in the 210 range. Once I got in the city limits I could hit 215+. In fact on one scan I did I was running 217*.

What caused all this was a throttle body gasket leak. I didnt know it was there until I decided to do a more thourough inspection of the intake system with the continued high silicon levels on the oil analysis. Once I did that I found the evidence of a leak under the throttle body. When I last pulled the TB to replace the gasket with a ZZP gasket, I didnt torque the bolts down sufficiently and it was noticably loose which has been corrected.

Prior to this I noticed that even in the heat I could go out after about an hour maybe two and remove the radiator cap without it overflowing or releasing any pressure. It never occured to me for whatever reason that the system wanst holding pressure properly. Now it take several hours for the system to depressurize on its own.
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Why not just dump the Dex?
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Originally Posted by willwren
Why not just dump the Dex?
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