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im trying this little trick now. last sat. at the track, at about 900', my egr valve blew open and dumped my boost. i had a great run going, (1/8 mile was 9.54 sec @72.95 mph)
it was defintly a low to mid 14 run until it blew open. right before that, the egr was rattling so bad that it sounded like a machine gun. (i was running 112 oct, sunoco race fuel, 3 heat range colder in plugs, so i know it wasnt detonation) i just figured that with the 142,000 miles that is on my car, the springs were weak in the egr valve or it was just worn out. the dig. egr is very expensive. (like 200 bux and up.) so i removed my egr valve, made a template out of 1/8" alum. and mounted it just under the egr valve so it blocked off all the holes under the egr. it worked great, no more pinging. just wish it wasnt freak'n raining so i can go to the track.
there is one fall back to this mod, after awhile , it will set a SES light code 54 ( no flow detected to the egr) but if you can live with the light and not spend 200 bux +, this is a cheap and easy mod. i also feel that part of my knock retard was coming from the egr rattling with the weak springs in it.
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what was the other car?
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If you just block off the EGR valve where the tube goes into the exhaust manifolds then you will not get a SES light. ZZP sells the blockoff plate for $5, which from the sounds of it, you already have. Your engine will definately run a lot cleaner without the EGR hooked up! My dad removed his on his GTP so his Intercooler wouldn't get dirty.

Also, do you still have a catalytic converter? If so, why are you running leaded gas at the track?
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the other car was the 69 chevelle 396, i ended up racing him before a few weeks ago, also the egr block off plate that zzp sells is for a series 2 motor, mine is a series 1. i mix my fuel with equal amounts of 93 oct unleaded, no one here sells unleaded race fuel.i have a dynomax hi flow cat on my car too.
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