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Default Gutting an air box

So I finally gutted my air box. Saw all the cool kids doing it so I figured it was worth the time. So I'll do a write up for it too. Time will probably take between 45mins - 1 1/2 hours.

Start out by finding you air box and unscrew the two pieces apart as you were taking the air filter out
This is it:

Need to take these two screws out:

Then disconnect the box from the intake tube by loosening the clamp:

At this point pulling the back part off the tube and out of the car is easy.

The front part though is stuck that'* because of a stud on the bottom:

It'* in the circle on the bottom toward the center

Can see it clearly here
So time to get the beer (or rootbeer PBF does not condone underage drinking) muscles grab the box firmly and pull it will pop right off.

OK time for the gutting part we'll start with the back part of the box.

You'll see melted tabs around the edges of the box:

I took a dermel tool if a cutting but and cut around and through the tabs. Be careful to not go through the box because this is post air filter and needs to stay sealed.

Once you cut all the tabs pull and pry the panel out and this will be your end result:

Now on to the front part. Same deal cut around the tabs:

once those are are cut start prying if you are have trouble you can cut the tabs are the tube. If you get it out and the tube is still in the tube pulls out easily it is not formed to the box.

This is your end result:

Now you have two gutted pieces of box. Clean up the insides to get rid of all plastic shavings. Put the front part on first by popping it on the stud and screwing in the screws the stock panel filter still fits from fram to K&N remember to put your filter back in you didn't make a magic box.

Attach the back part to the tube and screw the two pieces together and you now have a gutted air box.
Things that will change:
Better throttle response
Front left noise will increase.
Other spec changes are under review I'm assuming gas mileage may increase too and possibly KR will decrease.
Hope this is easy to follow any question can message me Nighthwk12
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