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Default '00 Intrigue - low idle/dies cold, also P0442

I've been having annoyances with my Intrigue for almost a year now. It started last year. I used to be able to just hit the key and drive.

Last October it started not running at idle when warm. I found the throttle body was gummed up and cleaned it out. After that, it wouldn't idle when cold. When it dies cold, it starts immediately when I hit the key, provided I have the throttle cracked open enough to keep the R'* up on my own.

It idled warm just fine...until the idle got erratic. Even when warm now, the idle will sometimes be erratic, bouncing between about 400-450 up to around 600-650 and may sometimes (rarely) die (when warm). Other times, most times, it will idle around 700-750 steady, faster if the engine is hot.

A little repair history:

First, last November, I failed emissions with a rotten secondary pump injection motor (replaced off an '02 Cadillac).

In December I replaced tie rods, front bearing, and the sway bar.

In the last 6 months it threw a code for the TPS (replaced) and the IAT (replaced), then CPS went out (replaced, of course).

I got a P0442 two months ago - I replaced the gas cap, which cured it for about two days, then it came back. I just replaced the canister purge valve this past Sunday. The light came back on Tuesday, P0442 again.

Another problem, possibly related or probably not, is balky power steering. When my ex had the car the P/* system was leaking and I had to put fluid in it several times. Now it'* not leaking (I did nothing to the system), but the engine has to be turning at 1000 or better to get any power assist on it. Pump? Rack? Electromagnetic assist? Related to the above?

I'm mystified as to what'* related and what'* not. Failing anything else, I'm planning on replacing the filler neck and/or the vent solenoid, but I would like to nail it down and do the job once instead of guessing. I need to get this thing through emissions to get it licensed. I'm almost a month out of compliance.

I'm planning on buying an OBD-II connector for the computer and installing OBDWiz on the laptop.

Sorry to be long-winded, but I want all the data there for discussion.

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Hi Intrigued,

I am new here also. I wrote a more detailed response but when I went to send it the system told me I wasn't logged in, even though I was. When I logged in the response I had written was gone.

There are a lot of smart people on this forum, I don't consider myself one of them. Hopefully one of the smart people will be along shortly to help.

Here is the shortened version of my thoughts. Your idle issues sounded to me like you may have excess air getting in where it shouldn't be. Perhaps the upper intake or throttle body gaskets. There is a lot of information on UIM issues on the forum. I recently changed my upper intake and lower intake gaskets. My car was misfiring and running rough. After the work I had to double check at traffic lights to make sure the car was still running. It was smooth and steady at just over 500 rpm.

I am also chasing an evap issue (p0440). When I did the work on the intakes I found that the vacuum line from the throttle body to the evap purge valve was dry and brittle. it looked fine until I took it off and the rubber part where it takes the 180 degree turn into the valve fell apart in my hand.

The upper intake was fairly easy to change if you have patience. The kit cost about $70 online. The evap vacuum line cost about $25 from the dealer.

Not sure if this info was helpful. The smarter people should be along shortly.
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