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Default Replacing Fuel pump 92-99

So only pulling 24lbs of fuel pressure need a new pump. My anguish is your gain this is how I did it.

First things first jack up the back of the car and support it on jack stands. Don't ever work on a car while it'* on a jack (need more members can't be loosing them under bonnevilles.) Getting at the fuel pump involves removing the gas tank so try to get it as empty as possible.Wear protective eye wear gas is harmful to your eyes and anything that will fall off your car while working under it. Also might be a good time to replace your fuel filter and the strainer on the pump assembly.

Once under you will see the straps that hold the gas tank in place Look for the mounting bolt and soak that sucker down with a penetrating oil.
These are the bolts:

They are tricky so soaking them down will help you out a lot so will some sort of air wrench

Okay now that you got those soaking time to relieve your fuel pressure this is done in the engine bay. You'll find the fuel regulator it'* on the front side of the fuel looks like a top hat:
Note: The schrader valve on the S1 motors is usually on the back side of the rail, S2 is on the front. The pressure regulator is located in different places based on engine.

You'll find a cap on there or not but will find a valve. put a rag under the regulator and push in the pin this will relieve your pressure. Don't try to start your car after this it will charge up your system again.

Now back to the rear need to remove the lines from your fuel filter and surrounding area this is by the passenger side rear door under the car:

Shoot some penetrating oil on the quick clips, squeeze, and wiggle apart. Be careful don't want to be breaking these lines.

Now follow the lines toward the tank you'll find 3 electrical plugs unplug these:
Note: 97 Bonneville SSEi'* have one electrical connector. In 97 the Ei didn't have a pressure sensor on the tank

Now go to the driver side rear and remove the tire there you will find the filler hose and the smaller vapor hose. Loosing the hose clamps and remove the tubes from both sides I find it easier to remove the tube on the car side first then removing the tube from the tank then take a rag and plug the holes in the tank:

Okay your tank is free from the car by this time the oil will do what it can do. Start removing the strap bolts. The straps will fall away while still connected to your car on the other side. You can use a small jack and wood to support the tank if it is still heavy with gas. Now get to the driver side of the car and pull the tank out like a drawer. IT will run along the exhaust and fall off free of everything you can now take the gas tank.

This is the magic portal to the fuel pump. Clean the area with air or vacuum but you want it clean don't want anything falling in the tank.

You will find a ring there take a punch or screw driver and tap it counter clockwise till the notches line up to pull out the assembly.

Pulling out the assembly you want to be careful to not damage the strainer to float take your time and turn and tilt till you can get it out the hole:

With it out you can look in the tank and find anything weird in there debris pump parts. Rust is magnetic so you can use a magnet and remove rust you can see:

This is your assembly can see the pump, float, and strainer:

With a small screwdriver and pop the strainer off. If it is excessively dirty, clogged, or torn replace it.

Now disconnect the plug from the pump:

Now you can wiggle the pump out of the rubber bottom then pull it off the tube. Depending on the kit you can replace all the rubber components. On mine I can a steal reinforced O ring so I figured it was re-usable was in good shape. Once you have everything reassembled and plug the new pump back in. put the whole thing back in the tank pushing down the ring and tapping the lock ring into position.

Now all you have to do is reinstall everything in the reverse order you took it off. You dielectric grease on your electrical connection on the outside of the tank. When you are putting the straps back on make sure nothing is getting crushed between the car and the tank.

Once everything is together and the car is on the ground make use you have at least a half a tank. Turn the key to the charged position a couple times to charge up the system. Then start it and see how she runs. Check for leaks and smells. Welcome to stock fuel pressure.
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