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Default Changing Calipers 92-99

Changing Calipers my come up if they are dragging or the piston is leaking. One can tell if the caliper is dragging if.
The car pulls to one side.
The car has a grinding sound the is heard moving and may stop when the brakes are touched
When stopped after a drive the wheel or tire are abnormally hot.

The piston is leak if rubber boot is pulled back and the piston is wet.

The start changing the caliper first you want to grab these items:

3/8" Allen key socket can generate more force easier than an Allen key.

Penetrating oil, Brake lube and cleaner.

First you need to jack up the car safely and support it by jack stands or equivalent. Then you can remove the wheels. If you are loosen the lug nuts by hand loosen them before you jack the car up.

The two caliper bolts are on the back on the caliper. Loosen the bolts up all the way. They will not come out because they are seated in the sleeves.

Now the caliper can be slipped off by rocking back and forth.

Next the rotor can be pulled off.

The top and bottom of the bracket can be cleaned and lubed.

This caliper came with new bolts and sleeves. Take the bolts out and lube these up real good.

Also putting some lube in the sleeves is not a bad idea.

Now the brake line can be removed from the caliper. Make sure the reservoir is full of brake fluid will come out of the exposed fittings, so make sure there is a catch pan.

Slip the rotor back on the studs.
Now the new caliper can loaded with pads
Inner first:

Then outer

and slipped over the rotor

Now line up the bolts with the holes in the knuckle. The bolts are piloted slightly but make sure it is not cross threading. The bolts are go in easy.

Take out the new copper washers:

Put the wider one on the banjo bolt first, then the brake line, then the thicker rail bolt.

Now this can be bolted back into the caliper.

The brakes need to be bled. To do this make sure the brake reservoir is full. Have a partner pump and hold the brakes. Open up the bleeder screw.

Fluid will shoot out. have the partner hold the pedal down till the screw is closed. and repeat with the pumping. Do this about 5 times to make sure all the air is evacuated.

The tire can be put back on. Lugs torqued to 100ft/lbs.

Start the car pump the brakes to seat the new caliper. Take the car for a short test drive to make sure the caliper is working and set. Bring the car back in to check for leaks. If the pedal has excessive travel the system my need to be bled some more. If the brakes are not working properly do not continuing driving the car and find the source of the problem.
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