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Actually, unless you are fortunate enough to be like Drifter (with someone like Tamara) or unless you are fortunate enough to be with someone like Hailey or some of our other lady members, you are probably in very good company.

My wife views vehicles from a strictly utilitarian point of view: transportation. As long as it has four wheels and a steering wheel, it will do. When it comes down to selecting a replacement, she looks for utilitarian features such as easy in/out with kids (minivan), ability to transport everything baby related ( minivan), and drives like a car (minivan). She doesn't understand the concept of upkeep (NEVER checks the oil or other fluids, tires, headlights/taillights), and never consideres how difficult it may be for ME to fix it when it goes Kaput! To make matters worse, any time I spend on a car outside of maintanence and repair (BonnevilleClub, Web research, Mods, cleaning) are a waste of my time (and she likes to TRY to dictate what I do with my time).

She uses her door pockets as a trash receptical, and when they fill worries, there'* plenty of room behind the rear seat or on the floor. (I hate driving her car for that reason). When I ask her when she last checked her oil..."That'* your job, you're the man of the house"...yet I am also expected to do the upkeep of the exterior of the house and the yard work--while splitting the inside domestic duties "50/50". Yeah, right.

My point is, wives (and husbands) don't always understand the big picture. I don't mind maintaining the grounds, house, my car; and I will help inside as well (dishes, laundary, etc.), But I will also alow for down time (, working on my car, etc. And, I am a VERY FIRM BELIEVER that if you OWN a car, you should MAINTAIN your car (meaning that she can check her own oil, schedule her own oil changes and tire maintenance, and CLEAN HER OWN CAR OUT). Although, sometimes I can't stand it any longer and have to clean her car out just so I can stand being seen in it.

I hope you don't feel so alone out there now. Just be prepared to strike a balance in case things start to get ugly. You don't need heartache over nothing.
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Default Re: Support Group

Originally Posted by Tamara
Originally Posted by Drifter420
Muffin and I always fight about who gets to use the net to check out this site ( and who gets to play on the playstation 2 ).. and I get stuck doing everythin ( mostly everything ) to the cars.. hee he.. but I don't mind.. it'* for her and it'* a good learning experience.
Ohmygod....that is SO not're just always on the computer when i want it then, you are always on the playstation when I want that too.
Then again, maybe i just need to use it when you do so i actually get some of your attention that you need to direct to me when you are faced with such dilemas.
Adn the only reason he does work on my cars is because he just wants a chance to be around my 2k then twists around.
Typical men, huh, Hailey?
Actually, mine is a pain in the butt for the same reason the men are complaining about. Don't get me wrong, he loves the car and wants to do the mods and everything, but everything else seems to come first. He thinks I'm nuts for being this into it, and whenever it comes time to do the maintenance, guess who'* kneeling in the dirt covered in grease! Just last week we were told that our right-front tie rod was going and so we went over to his dad'* to have him check it and see if he could replace it. We got there and my wonderful hubby hit the couch and said, "you're the one who'* so worried about go help him". I was planning on it anyway, but I would think he'd want to know what was up. I mean, the whole car is shuddering like mad at 40mph...doesn't that bother him?

Oh well, at least it'* not as bad as his last car...I totally sympathise with the "back seat trash bin" syndrome.

Oh, and Tamara...I get ignored too; and he gets p!ssy when I'm on the forum ignoring him. :P
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