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Likely some horrifyingly boring and meaningless drivel. More and more, the stuff I catch drift of on daytime cartoons seems so much less than funny and much more like preaching.
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F*ck all the smug, superior a$$-holes who think that they know better! F*ck anyone who edits their own sh*t to please some insufferable *****/b*tch. F*ck all the PC sh*theads who are taking away our f*cking RIGHTS in this country. Jesus, they're not even allowed to say "Winston Cup" when they're talking about historical NASCAR races. They can't even mention that that was the name of the F*CKING TROPHY!!
I am sick of the paper printing reruns of Doonesbury whenever the new strip is "contraversial". I'm sick of networks being fined enormous amounts of money because some dick, who doesn't even work for the company, said "sh*t" in an interview.
I'm sick of hearing all this unsubstantiated bullsh*t about TV violence inspiring real violence.
I"M ******* FED UP WITH PEOPLE SAYING I CAN"T BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN F*CKING ACTIONS! It is f*cking INSULTNG to be told that some cartoon has more influence over me than my own f*cking common sense! Every argument that "the media" has a responsibility to censor what we see because it might influence our behavior is a slap in the face to me. It'* just another f*cker saying that I'm not smart enough to be allowed to make my own decisions.
Perestroika is not as scary to me as this PC sh*t is. It'* insidious, it'* wrong, and it'* Un-American. And when I say that, I don't mean "un-American" the way f*cking Rush Limbaugh does, that it'* something he doesn't like. I mean that the U.*.A. was founded on principles that gave power to the individual, that assumed that every person had the capacity to rule himself, and take responsibility for their own actions. Freedom IS responsibility. It means that you are willing to take responsibility for the impact of your actions upon yourself and others around you. It means that you don't shift blame for your actions onto others.
The PC movement assumes that only a few people have the capacity to take responsibility for their own actions, and that those few know what is best for everybody. It assumes that people don't have the sense to change the channel if they don't like thge language in a movie. It assumes that we're too stupid to know that cigarettes are bad for us. It assumes that we are too collectively stupid to form our own opinions. It says that not only am I not to blame for my mistakes, but that I can't be allowed to take responsibility for them, because I might make more.
On the other hand, maybe they're right. Maybe we are too stupid to be allowed to make our own decisions. Otherwise we'd have booted these dumbf*cks out of the country long ago.
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