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Holy crap thats alot of fans!

Even back in my overclocking days I didn't have that many, please take no offense.
I have 2 80mms up front and 2 80mms in the back to create a simple, but effective, airstream through the case and I find this to be the most efficient method of cooling...unless you're overclocking big time.
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Originally Posted by MOS95B
^ And he'* a laser scientifical type guy! he knows!!

Yes I think they have a Budweiser ad for him too.

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Default Re: PC cooling advice?? - Please

Originally Posted by h1081dan
I am building a new pc now and I need some cooling advice. I have two 80 mm fans in the front of the case, and a 92mm in the MB side towards the front as intakes, and I have 3 80mm exhaust fans in the rear. My question is I also have a 92mm that will be going into the rear of the side door as soon as the fan arives, it will be almost over the video card, should I have it as exhaust like the 3 80mm or as an additional intake. I am going to be running the FX5200, and a hot athlon 64. What should I do here?

One additional question, one of the 92mm is temp controlled and one is not, where to you think the temp controlled one shoud be, front intake or rear whatever?
The Athlon 64'* have a ceramic heat spreader, which spreads the heat out from the core very good, like on a P4. Anything made for the 64 will do, but brands like Cooler Master, Thermaltake, and Zalman will do a great job.

And yes, exhaust is good.
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Well I know people will say what I have is overkill (because it is), but I overclock every PC I have and on the PC I use the most (just because it'* the most convienient) this is what I have:

4 80mm fans on the front sucking out
2 80mm fans on the left side blowing in
2 80mm fans on the right side blowing in
2 80mm fans on the rear sucking out
1 80mm fan on the top sucking out
A thermaltake Volcano 9 heatsink/fan on the CPU
I also have round IDE cables so it doesn't restrict the air flow so much, but with the 9 drives in the computer it still does cause there are wires everywhere.

I don't figure it is too much overkill because the case was designed for those fans, I didn't add in an where there wasn't a spot, and I actually cut out 2 120mm fan spots when I put my window in.

That PC has a 1.4Ghz Celeron III (socket 370, 100mhz FSB). I have it overclocked to 1568mhz (112mhz FSB), and it is rock solid stable and runs ~88*F, and the motherboard usually runs right around 79-80*F. I have successfully overclocked it to 1680mhz before (120mhz FSB), but the temps were getting up to about 110*F, and that is too hot IMO, and I don't have a need for it to be that quick as I have other PC'* that are quicker and I don't need to fry the chip, but it seemed to be stable at those speeds too. It would probably run quicker, but I don't have any reason to try.

The problem I have is that the computer is so friggin loud I can barely sleep at night, and I can't turn it off because it is the home network server, so it is the PC with the internet connection, and people use the internet 24/7 here so its not like I can shut it off for the night.

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