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Default oh god, theres snow everywhere!

yeah, so we are now day 3 of being stranded at our house becuase of the winter storm. If anybody has checked out foxnews or cnn you'll see, and I'm in Kentucky (northern), one of the worst hit states.
It all started Tuesday night when i started to snow, and I thought "cool". The weather man (iditot) had originally predicted 8" of snow fall, total for the next couple of days. Tuesday night we get 8" of snow, and then a nice break. Well, that didn't last long, on Tuesday the roads were a mess becuase of all of the snow and the snow plows hadn't even touched, well, anything! I dont know what they were doing, but I can damn well tell you what they werent doing. The bonneville was doing well in just the snow, but it got worse. It started to rain, and I do mean, rain, and it was 23 degree F outside. That was, great, I tell you what. I was driving out in the rain, and it was kinda eerie, but everything started to turn into ice. I would go into a store for all of 5 minutes, come back out, and a nice 1/4 inch layer of snow was on my windows already. The rear defroster could barely keep up and windows were fogged up.
The bonneville did alright, although I wish it would have done better. The tires I have on it are in no way all-terrain (guy before me bought them, god knows why) and I dont have any money to put all-terrain tires on the car. So getting around was fun, but she did pretty well, Except when I followed this old blazer which I know had 4x4. I was following it and he was having problems (cause it was a light suv and didn't have 4x4 engaged) He was slipping and sliding all over the place and I was driving through the mess just fine. I follow him onto this other back street to go to Best Buy. So we get to the bottom of this hill (about a 20 degree include, so nothing to big), as I'm staying back from him, a good 100 feet, and I stop at the bottom of the hill cause the guy is sliding all over the place. The blazer gets half way up and slides and stops. He then put it into 4x4 and goes on up the hill ...oooo that bastard, way to go, jackass. So i'm stuck at the bottom of this hill, and I try to go up it, and of course, the traction control is having a fit, I can maybe get half way up, but would have been fine if the idiot in the blazer would have put 4x4 on in the first place! Needless to say, 5 cars passed me (all trucks with 4x4) and I had to back down and gun it to make it up and over the hill ... I really hate that guy right now.
One warning to you though, if you are ever driving out in freezing rain, check your wiper blades before you take off. Mine were frozen in place, and not the blades, but the arms them selves. A thick layer of ice had formed all around the base of the wiper arm while I was in Barnes and Nobles for all of 2 minutes (closed due to the storm) and when I got out, they weren't working, so I had to pull over to the side and dig my wiper arms out of 3 inches of ice ... that was fun
Later Wednesday night, we got some more snow,then some ice, and then some more snow ... it is really really really bad out side. I can't even get out of my drive way cause of the layers:
so there is no way i'm going anywhere. All total, we got around 16" of snow and ice that are still covering 86% of the streets. Half of the stores are closed in Florence even though it'* right around christmas time. It'* real bad so I would stay clear of anything have to do with ohio, or kentucky

well, that was fun

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Ya know if you could have....I know I woulda luved to have that here...just so I could have a white christmas.....My second job gives me a plow truck as a co. vehicle because I'm constantly on-call to go plow lots and truck snow sand and dirt....If we ever get any snow it'* gonna get a lot of personal use lol.
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NO SNOW HERE...............YET!!!!!
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