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someone write in the dust and grime on my back bumper "hi stud" almost every ******* day at work...

i really enjoy it when they scratch my paint...

if i leave a note not to do it, they will prolly do it more....

on the 95, i got a note that said "nice car" on it...
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Originally Posted by J Wikoff
"Hi. I'm Katy. This is my spot. I routinely find your big white car in my spot. I recognize your need to park in front of the slutty sorority across the street from my apartment. But I need you to recognize the fact that I pay for the spot. I realize, as it seems you do, that I rarely need to park there myself, and simultaneous need for my spot has only occurred a couple times thus far. That said, I have not had your car towed yet because it is the f*** holiday season. So move your god damn car and never park in my f*** spot again. Thank you and have a merry f*** christmas and a happy f*** new year. Katy." least she had nice grammar. The last apartment complex I lived in, I found a note taped to the windshield 2 weeks after I got the TGP. I was freaking out because I thought it was from the management. To my relief, it was a tenant (I guess). It said "CALL ME IF YOU WANT TO SELL THIS CAR FOR CASH! SAM XXX-XXXX". No.....I didn't call him.

Originally Posted by Boreas
I dont get any notes, however I find myself leaving a few copies of this every once in a while:

I always keep a stack in my wallet. Its also effective.
I don't even bother with notes for people like that. Do you really think they could care less if they upset you, or if you think they're an *******? No, no, no, my friend. With people like that, you have to get even.....

Once, when I was moving out of an apartment, and came back to make one last check to make sure everything was in order, I came down and found a minivan parked WAY too close to me. I could barely get the driver'* door open. To top it off, it was at an angle, so that the rear of the van made it very difficult for me to pull out of the space. I managed to squeeze my way in, and negotiate my way out of the space. I then parked directly behind the van, facing in the direction to drive away. I got out, went over to his passenger side, and completely let the air out of both tires. THEN I left the note I wrote out saying "learn how to park next time, *******!" in discrete handwriting. Maybe THAT will help them to remember to think twice.
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My friends left a note proclaiming i was an a$$hole after they stole the front benchseat out of my 76 Grand Marque. Does that count
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