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having been thru a small claims court battle here in canada thru someone i was seeing and THEIR ex, my advice is don't do it! the court system here is much different than the states. you either have to spend a fortune on lawyers or spend half your life slogging thru all the crap that gets thrown at you. i would never do it myself unless my back was to the wall!

as far as making the break with her and the malibu, why not call GMfinance, tell them you would like to take over the loan yourself and see what they say? you've paid on time on the car and should have a good credit with them. it gets rid of her plus if she tries something in court later, it looks good for you that you took "your share" of the debts and left her standing!
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Dude, you have to get righteously pissed, right now. She is trying to get at you. Sever all ties immediately. Get rid of the white Bonnie, let her go junkyarding if she needs parts. Get rid of that crap in the garage, give her a week to pick it up, then donate it to charity and take the tax deduction(if Canada works that way). Get your money. File in small claims tomorrow, don't worry about appeals, small claims cases should be limited as to how far they can be appealed.
Refinance the car, it'll be a nice little slap in her face, and you might get a better rate, god knows.
If she calls you, immediately ask if the call has to do with getting her stuff out or getting you your money. If it doesn't, hang up, don't say goodbye, don't say anything else, just put the phone on the receiver. It'll send her up the WALL.
Call the cops if she shows up at your place in a vehicle incapable of moving at least one piece of furniture out of your garage.
Restraing orders are fun, too.
Be vicious, but do it carefully. Make sure that she can't get a purchase on you. Don't let her have that little crack to pry at. DO NOT LET HER INTO YOUR LIFE. This thing with the car proved she wants to hurt you. Don't give her any opportunity.

One tip, DO NOT threaten to sue if she doesn't pay up. Believe it or not, telling someone you will sue them if they don't do what you want meets the legal definition of extortion. You can sue them, yes, but you can't say "If you don't do blank, I'll sue."
Straight from an ACLU lawyer, that little tidbit.
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Originally Posted by sse1990
Yeah, Jim is right, I can spend time and $$ to bring her to court, for what, nothing. I even told her today that I already know that she isn't going to pay me back.

All I can do now is pay the car off as soon as I can and then I am done with it. Only another 9K to go on it, lol.
Doesn't matter if you never recover it, it'* still worth doing. Who knows what silly **&%$ she is going to come up with next. Drag her through the courts just to get the peice of paper from the judge ordering her to pay you the money. If nothing else, put it in a frame and hang it on the wall as a reminder.
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Well I really don't think it is worth the hassle to go to court. I will be talking to a lawyer over the holidays at a party if we go, looks like Crystal is related somehow to the lawyer. Also since the ex is a cosigner on my loan,she will have a very hard time to get a loan of her own till my car is paid for, so really she is kinda screwed for 16 more months unless I pay my car, and the way I can do that is if she pays me. So I think I will let it things be for now and once she figures things out I am sure she will pay. As long as I can get the car paid for I am happy.
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