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Default my theory about relationships.

if you cant keep it civil, dont reply. i dont want this locked. if mods feel its inappropriate, of course feel free to lock it.

premise: over half of all relationships end in divorce
premise: those that dont end in divorce, end in death.
conclusion: all relationships end in loneliness.

lets discuss fidelity. its rare in todays society, but why? well, why do people cheat? because they want to. they know itll hurt their significant other, but they dont care. theyve admitted that the only persons feelings that are trully important are their own, whether they can acknowledge it to themselves or not.
what does this mean? does this mean that everyone feels that way? i say it does. follow this to a conclusion. if everyone feels this way, this means that there is no such thing as altruism - its against human nature. the only person you can ever know truly is yourself, the only person whos feeelings you can experience are your own. so its only natural to place those above another'*. because those things arent REAL.. real is what you can experience.
but that doesnt make sense. history is filled with altruism. or stuff that seems like altruism. what about charities? people give to charities all the time. well, why would you give to charity? tax write-off, sure. thats popular. but thats obviously not for the charity. okay, that leaves emotions. everyone experiences emtions, but who doesnt experience a feeling of elation after giving to a charity or donating your time? but that means you arent doing it to do it, conciously or subconciously, youre doing it for that feeling of elation. that explains every example of altruism history and current events teaches us.

but what does this have to do with relationships?
relationships [aside from the physical ones, that doesnt need to be addressed] are based on a feeling of love. romantic or otherwise, its a feeling of love. but real love requires putting someone else'* needs ABOVE your own. and that goes against human nature. youre only willing to give if you get something in return. that means every relationship is symbiotic in nature. thats no surprise and its not a bad thing, but it also means that the second it stops being a symbiosis, the relationship ends. that person needs something, so they turn elsewhere to get it. whether they end the relationship first or not is really up to the individual, but its obvious that a lot of them will end in cheating. causing loneliness.
because no one can put someone else'* needs above their own indefinitely, one party or another will break the relationship off.

dont bother trying to attribute the cheating to one sex or another, its a pretty even spread. that path leads to the dark side.

maybe sooner or later i will explain why im so down on women.
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