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Default The Lawn

This is from back in the day in my creative writing class. Enjoy

The Lawn

I am sure it has happend to every 16-year-old; you get your license and you do something stupid. For most people, it is a speeding ticket, or hitting a parked car. This story turns out to be a little more idiotic than normal.
Everyone knows that when you are with your friends, you are a different person. We were driving around in my car, and we were hyped. Now my car isn’t the greatest thing in the world, but I love it. It is 1990 Chevy Lumina Euro. The color of my car is the main factor of the story. It is white. Keeping a white car clean is a big problem. It had been raining all day that day, and everything was flooded. Earlier that day, my friends, and I had been trying to get my car as dirty as possible. We hadn’t succeeded. It was only slightly dirty on the sides. During supper my dad had offered to buy me a car wash ticket, but I refused. I had had my license for no more than a month, and I wanted to have fun. We drove all around Windom, in search for “the puddle” that would cover my car. We ended up on a curvy road by one of my friend’* house. He was telling me about where another one of our friends had driven a few nights ago. We came up to the spot he was talking about, so I decided to drive through it.
As we turned off the curb-less street, I could instantly tell it wasn’t a good choice. We started to sink into the soft grass. The grass patch was about one hundred feet long. At the other end was a curb. We started losing speed and sinking further down. The whole time we were ripping through this grass, it was turning into mud. We were laughing so hard. My car was totally covered in mud. We were just about to drive over the curb and get back on the street, when the **** hit the fan. We lost all momentum, and because we were sinking in the mud, we totally stopped when we hit the curb. When the car stopped completely, we all just stared at each other in disbelief. I got out of the car to survey the scene. My door would hardly open because we were in so deep. Things were not looking good. I got back into the car to try to get unstuck. All it would do is throw mud around with the tires. We sat there for about a minute, wondering what to do. We talked about walking to my friend’* house to see if his car could pull us out. Then the worst thing happened. We noticed someone come running out of their house. This was not an ordinary person, it was a cop. He jumped into his car, and drove the 500 feet over to my car, lights flashing and all. We threw on our seatbelts, just to be safe. Now I see a reason to be mad at us, but I saw no reason for him to swear at us. He said, “What the **** are you doing”, and went off in a swearing rampage. He called for backup. When the backup cop got there, he asked me to come to his car. When I got in his car, I got these uncontrollable shakes, it was weird. He explained what was going to happen. He was going to call my parents, and tell them that I was stuck in a church lawn. “WHAT??” Yes, that’* right; I was stuck in the Living Word Lutheran Church’* lawn. It was dark out, and I had no idea where it was, I just thought it was some lot. Officer Shawn Haken, the backup cop, called my house number and gave me the phone. My mom answered and I asked for dad. She asked me if I was stuck in a church lawn. I was dumbfounded, how could have she known already? It turns out; one of her friends was listening on a scanner, and instantly told her about it. After my dad got on the phone, he said he would be down there in a little bit. During the time it took my dad to arrive, it was very awkward looking at my car with the cops. When my dad showed up in his truck, he wasn’t nearly as mad as I thought he would be. We pulled the car out, and I have to say, that it was by far the dirtiest car I have ever seen. At least we accomplished that. Then, the officer handed me the ticket, $145, for careless driving. The church could also have pressed charges, but they didn’t. As I drove off, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as mud spewed helplessly in all directions onto the road.
My parents did end up getting very mad at me and I was grounded from my car for a long time. I learned my lesson by writing an apology letter to the church, paying the ticket and insurance, and having to reseed and water the lawn for a month. I am not very proud of the turn of events, but one thing is for sure. My car was the dirtiest it will ever be. It all could have been avoided if I had just accepted the car wash.
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man id never pass up a free car wash!
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WOWWW, reminds me of a friend that drove my future Tempo across some lawns covered in snow when my sister had it. He didn't get caught or stuck, but it still was funny to see it
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Good Story
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