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GonneVille is on a distinguished road

Well, I grew up on:
Voltron(Lions, not that car crap)
Fraggle Rock
The Muppet Show
Smothers Brothers
Tour of Duty
Miami Vice
Commodore 64
Apple IIc
Audi Fox wagon
Dodge Colt Vista
Bikes with Banana seats and coaster brakes and frame-mounted shifters
Rat-tail haircuts
Spike haircuts
Brick phones
GI Joe cartoons
Star Trek reruns on a black and white TV

The Cold War.
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handdrumman is on a distinguished road

I remember.....

"Where'* the beef"
Liquid Television....where Beavis & Butthead made their start!!
When rattails were a cool thing to have
When Harleys were HARLEYS!!
Wonder woman
Dallas....I didn't watch it....my grandmother did
Press your Luck....no whammy, no whammy
Etc., Etc.......
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GXP Venom is on a distinguished road

I was reading thru the thread and remembered my first computer, it was actually the first home computer made. The Commadore VIC 20. Commadore actually made the chip for video game manufacturers but it didnt sell well, so they decided to gamble on a home computer. I bought mine for myself for Christmas '79 for $329. that included a memory upgrade to 16k. My wife thought I lost my mind. The price was a little over a weeks wages for me. Luckily I spent alot of time up all night figuring out Basic, the language it ran on, 'cause I wasnt getting near our bed. Games has to be loaded by hand. Simple Pong took 110 lines of text, error free to run and it was deleted when You shut the computer off,.........unless you saved it to the optional "hard drive" which was a cassette recorder.
I found a pic of it on the net.

Here is the impressive spec list for it, I thought I was soaring to new heights, quite laffable considering todays standards.
VIC 20
TYPE Home Computer
KEYBOARD Full-stroke keyboard, 4 function keys, 66 keys
CPU Commodore Semiconductor Group 6502A
SPEED 1.0227 Mhz
CO-PROCESSOR VIC-I (6560) for sound and graphics.
RAM 5 KB (3583 bytes free), expandable up to 32 KB
VRAM Screen memory shared with regular RAM
TEXT MODES 23 rows x 22 columns
COLORS 8 character colors, 16 background/border colors
SOUND 3 voices / 3 octaves
SIZE / WEIGHT 40.3 x 20.4 x 7.2 cm / 1,8 Kg
I/O PORTS 1 joystick port, 1 user port, 1 serial port, 1 cartrige port, Composite video output, tape interface
POWER SUPPLY External power supply unit, 18 Watts
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bill buttermore is on a distinguished road

I remember:

a print ad for Pontiac that read: "Hands off the grab bar, Charlie, you're tearin' out the dash" and at the bottom: "The 421 makers - Pontiac"

riding with Mom in the ****** Aero Ace and rolling off the front seat onto the floor when we were hit at an intersection in New Brighton, PA

watching a B-36 bomber fly over my back yard - wow!

my Dad'* new 1954, 1956, 1958, and 1961 Fords. And then the start of something better, his first used car - a 1961 Bonneville Convertible - bamboo cream with leather seats and a 389 4-bbl. That car was fast! And had a grab-bar (a stout handle in front of the passenger seat on the dashboard).

walking to school in 20 inches of snow at 20 degrees F below zero. When I got there, none of the bus kids could make it and didn't have to come. But school was not canceled.

when cancelled was spelled with two "l"*.

getting mercilessly beat on by my two older brothers one of whom told me derisively: "no matter how hard you try, you're never gonna be older than me." Nowadays, I occasionally remind him that he will never be younger than I.

when people were not afraid of offending others by telling the truth.

seeing a new VW beetle with a price of $1499

the VW ad on a billboard (before they offered an automatic transmission) that read: "after a while it becomes automatic."

when self esteem was something you earned.

when the best kids were picked first and the worst kids last for every pick-up game of sports in the neighborhood - but everyone played.

playing baseball in the gravel alley with a ball wrapped in friction tape.

declaring "no chips on windows."

Dad sending me two the store for two packs of Camels - 52c including tax.

the TV repairman who came to the house. Watching him work and hoping he would not say: "I'm sorry, it has to go in to the shop."

buying a cherry coke and a bag of Snyder'* potato chips at the drug store for a dime.

drinking vanilla phosphates at the same drug store.

meeting the girl who would become my wife at Hank'* frozen custard and hamburger stand. She was in a '64 Mustang with three other girls, and we chased them for a half an hour in Ray'* '56 Ford before catching up with them at the Keystone gas station. She foolishly gave me her phone number.....

going outside to play with all the other neighborhood kids and having to come in when the street lights came on.

hitchhiking to the junction swimming pool in New Brighton to spend the afternoon.

doing my first body work ('58 English Ford), my first head gasket and engine overhaul ('61 Renault 4cv)

driving the fastest car I ever owned: a '68 Impala convertible 427 4-speed

the thrill of hearing the engine in my '49 Plymouth start and quietly run after sitting silent for more than 25 years, following a year of restoration.

when most folks knew what a past participle was and how to use it. (Maybe I shouldn't have went there - I'd hate to offend anyone )
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harofreak00 is on a distinguished road

i just went back in time with bills post
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Archon is on a distinguished road

Wow, Bill...that was great! It reminded me of some of the emails that you get of "remember when". Shouldn't have went... I loved it!!!!
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Technical Ted is on a distinguished road

My mother told me a story about getting pulled over a "few" years ago. The cop told her she was speeding & I don't remember the exact speed but it was around 45 mph. Mom new there was no way she was going that fast & told the cop, "This car won't go that fast. If you can get this car going 45 I'll pay the ticket." He let her go.

Now that'* old!
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markwb is on a distinguished road

I remember being in class (3rd grade) when the annoucement was made on the PA that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas.
When candy bars were .05 each, or 6 for a quarter.
When Chrysler had the pushbutton transmissions.
Pall Malls were .15 a pack.
Pepsi'* in a 10 oz. glass bottle for a dime.
StarTrek was a new program.
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popatim is on a distinguished road

I remember when phone calls where made by dialing 4 digits; not that we had a phone but the neighbors did.

I remember lighting the candles on our Christmas tree.

I remember Big Wheels! I did so many skids and spins that I wore holes in the tires! I loved my Big Wheel.

I remember my dad sending home pieces of the Vietnam war and asking for us to send toilet paper and canned food.

I remember when a bottle of Coke was a dime and Milk Duds were a Nickel.

I remember going to the butcher shop with fifty cents and coming home with enough to feed a family of 6. LOL
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Stylin'Deedle is on a distinguished road

Im so old I'm 18 years older than my littlest brother, and 16 years older than the 2nd youngest. I've got 6 all together

When the youngest graduates from high school, I'll be older than my own parents where at MY high school graduation.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it! (I'm 22)
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