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Well, I protest!

Well, I really can't, can I? 90% of the time, I have no idea if my stereo is on or off.

Translation for those who are easily confused: I'm deaf.
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take it from me folks.........

im only 26 yrs young an di have 1 of the loudes car stereos here in pa. in fact with all my dj equipment hooked up in my basement i have one of the loudest house stereos in pa as well...

i have to have my clarity even if it means running at half volume rather then all the way up and sounding like the chipmonks on volume pills chewing on pop rocks...

it has to sound so clear you can hear a fly in the back ground on the song....

i personally dont know why they listen to it so distorted but i have a feeling its because they think it sounds so good because they want it to be just like everyone else'* ...

i personally **** on everyone in pa when they pull up next to me and blast there static box... i turn it up and shatter all their dreams.. ...

they also dont no what fine tuning is.....
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My situation is a little different. My 75 year old mother lives with me and my wife. She likes her neighborhood quiet and peaceful. At her age I feel she has a right to that peace!

The young punks next door don't see it that way! We have asked them to turn the base down numerous times and only get laughed at. You really don't hear any music (rap, and mexican polka (my description)), just alot of base pounding across their yard, then across our yard and through our front door.

We have called the police and it stops for a little while, but starts up again at all times of the day and night.

They think nothing of making their hydraulic lifts hiss at midnight. Popping them over and over again.

Try living next to these disrespectful punks.

Listen, I know I am an old fart! I still listen to Patsy Cline and Roy Orbison on my car stereo. What can I say, I like what I like......I just wish that the younger generations had some respect for their elders.

Oh by the way, they treat their grandmother with no respect either. They cuss her out in spanish and don't care that they are disturbing her peace and quiet either.

I hope that my situation is not the norm.......just had to vent!
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I must be lucky, all my neighbors listen to the same music as me and all go to work at 4 am just like me so no loud parties except for saturday nights.
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Originally Posted by clarkhamblen
I still listen to Patsy Cline and Roy Orbison on my car stereo.

There'* nothing wrong with Pasty or Roy..............................if you're into Country that is.

I'd like to hear from those people that have there bass so loud and don't even know what treble or midrange stands for. You know the ones that don't know the meaning of Total harmonic distortion, or frequency response. When I asked my neighbour to turn up his stereo untill he started hearing distortion, I'd have to say that he went well past that level. In my opinion, I don't even think they realise it'* distorting beyond what is considered normal. They are more into the feel of having there seat tremble, and get off on the thump thump thump, rather then hear"Sirens are screamin' and the fires are howlin', way down in the valley tonight
There'* a man in the shadows with a gun in his eye and a blade shinin' oh so bright
There'* evil in the air and there'* thunder in the sky and a killer'* on the bloodshot streets
Oh and down in the tunnel where the deadly are risin'
Oh I swear I saw a young boy down in the gutter, he was startin' to foam in the heat"
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Well, I can see that I am def. in the minority here..... in a way....

I have a 600 watt RMS @ 1 ohm subwoofer amp, Infinity Kappa 6X9s and I just picked up of these in a box two days ago.. ALPINE SWR-1522D Dual 2 ohms 15-in Type-R Subwoofer ( this thing is insane )

My setup is just about stupid loud, and the sub isn't even broke in yet... amp is ONLY at HALF gain

BUT, I also DO NOT let my sub overrun my mids and highs.... it'* ALL in the details. If you can't hear the symbols or voices, or whatever else, then it isn't worth listening to. While my sub isn't known to be the cleanest sounding sub ( more for SPL then SQ ) the quality is plenty clean, and isn't distorted at all.

I am also VERY respectfull with my system... turn it down in residential areas, etc.
I am also not a teenager ( 24 )

The reason that young people ( not only teens do this ) do this, is because they may not even realize yet what distortion is. I have tuned in many stereos, and people are amazed at the difference in before and after.... even if less bass is present, they are always happy
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Ya know, this may make me sound like a hypocrite, but I love good sound quality too, and I love all types of music...but I have two 12" R-F XLC Punch subs in my trunk, and I love it.

I keep the bass levels down enough though, so it'* just enough to make the song sound good, no matter what type of music I'm listening'* still clean, you can hear all of the lyrics, but it'* got that little bit of extra kick to it to make it...well...perfect IMO

I've cranked it a few times, and it was noticeable, even with the Dynamat...rattling my teeth and eyes...making me feel like I was having a heart attack, but in all honesty, I didn't really enjoy that haha.
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Originally Posted by Maymybonnieliveforevr
What I'm trying to understand and so far I still don't, is why teenagers mainly, like to play there music with soooo much bass, that it doesn't sound natural and with so much distortion that it could vibrate one your ********* loose enough so that it hangs lower than the other permanently.
That'* why that one has been like that all these years

I'm one of the ones that suffers a little hearing loss from all of the low freqs. I used to be a bass head but,my system was also very clear when ever it was at a reasonable volume.

Tweeters in the dash,mids in the doors and 2 10"* behind the seat and approx 400 watts running it all and it was still darned loud
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