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I rarely give them money, only when they've 'earned' it like their sign made me bust a gut (just a month ago I forked up a buck to a guy with a sign that said "I could use a hooker Like Spitzers")

Too often these guys are dressed better than I am plus my wife used to work for Social Services and I know how much 'we' used to pay the shelters to house them ($450+/wk ) so they're already getting enough of my money and I don't need to be suporting their bad habits at all. I have my own
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Originally Posted by jwakamud
i never give to panhandlers. i will give rides to people who are trying to get somewhere and i regularly volunteer around here. but dont ask me for money. i work hard for my money, and i dont believe anyone who has a sign like that. id sooner believe the father of lies than one of those people.

i will never give money to panhandlers.

that said, i was at a japanese restaurant about a month ago with my fiancee and two friends. as were going out to the parking lot, a guy comes up to us and asked for a couple of dollars for "something to eat" -- so i said "lets just cut out the middleman" and gave him our leftovers. there was easily enough left to feed four people for a meal. i wish id stayed around long enough to see what he did with it.
I was actually shocked when I offered to buy food for a guy and he accepted it, and I saw him eating it as I was driving off.
I think the money is better left being sent to a reputable organization, and volunteering is better too.
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Not alot of panhandlers in Boise but I don't go downtown very much. Elsewhere here it'* mostly people who sit at the exits of the parking lots of Winco or Albertsons. I don't give money but I did buy some food for a family that moved from Oregon and was travelling through Boise and ran out of gas. I was heading to work and they were in the Wal-Mart parking lot so I offered to buy them food. I did a good deed.
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Give? No, I ask them for money. The look on their face is priceless. After a couple of times of doing that, they leave me alone. Or I ask them if they know Jesus, then start preaching at them in my best televangelist voice; "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God..." They usually run away.
The hippies in San Francisco were the most comical. As soon as I turned the corner, they started asking me for money. I was wearing a Raiders T-shirt (in SF), grungy old sneakers, and torn jeans, and these two hairy faced hippies wearing Birkenstocks, army surplus jackets, brand new Levi'* jeans, and one even had a leather laptop case and was eating a pint of Haagen Dazs; these guys were asking me for money. I just laughed, and said, "You guys must be new." Then I asked them for money.
People like the girl in the video spoil it for people that actually need help. Don't these communities have anti-loitering ordinances?
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