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Default Common Fallacies

Fallacies = Stuff that'* wrong, you perv'*!!

Pope John Paul II'* name wasn't originally John, nor was it Paul. His real name is Karol Wojtyla.

Wild rice isn't rice. It'* long-grained marsh grass.

It'* not true that men commit child abuse most often. Sixty percent of all child abuse is committed by women with sole custody.

Tempura isn't a Japanese word, nor is it a native Japanese dish. It'* Portuguese.

Gray whales aren't gray. They're actually black.

Jersey cows don't come from New Jersey. They come from Jersey, an island in the English Channel.

Diamonds are not the most valuable gems. Rubies are.

Honey bees aren't native to North America. They were introduced here in the 1600s by the Puritans.

Despite what you might think, in all of human history, there has never been a documented case of death by piranha.

The Douglas fir isn't a fir.

In an early draft of the script for the film "Back to the Future," the time machine wasn't a Delorean, but rather a souped-up refrigerator.

Riptides aren't tides. They're currents.

Genghis Khan'* wasn't the military leader'* real name, it was Temujen. Genghis Khan means "emperor of all emperors."

Eggplant is a fruit, not a vegetable.

Washington D.C. was not always America'* capital. From 1789 to 1790, New York City was the capital.

Nero didn't fiddle while Rome burned. The fiddle hadn't been invented yet.

Little John was not the name of the character in the famous stories about Robin Hood. He was actually named John Little.

"Lead" pencils have no lead in them—just graphite.

The quote, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," is often attributed to William Shakespeare. It'* actually, "Heaven has no rage, like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury, like a woman scorned." It was actually written by dramatist William Congreve, in his 1697 play "The Mourning Bride."

There is no book of "Revelations" in the Bible. The book is "Revelation."

Despite their reputation, there have been no deaths attributed to tarantula bites recorded in history.

There is no species of fish called the sardine. Usually small herring or pilchard are processed as sardines.

Americans use the word "macaroni" to mean a specific kind of pasta, but in Italy, maccherone (or "mixture of elements") refers to all types of pasta.

Klondike isn't in Alaska, it'* in the Yukon Territory—in Canada.

"Nice" didn't always mean what it means today. Originally, it came from the Latin nescius (ignorant), and grew to mean "foolish" in the 14th and 15th centuries.

The American robin isn't a robin, it'* a thrush.

Cleopatra was not an Egyptian queen. Actually, there were seven women who reigned under that name—the seventh is the one we are most familiar with. None of the women were Egyptians, they were Macedonians.

Mississippi Bay is nowhere near Mississippi. It'* outside of Yokohama, Japan.

Yams and sweet potatoes are actually unrelated vegetables.

The Caspian Sea and the Dead Sea aren't seas. They're lakes.

Takeoffs and landings aren't what cause the most wear and tear on airplane tires—it'* the taxiing.

Many are surprised to discover Alaska is the most eastern U.*. state. Alaska is the most northern, western and eastern state.

Black-eyed peas aren't peas. They're beans.

People in the time of Columbus did not believe the world was flat. Not since the days of Greece had anyone thought that.

Rabbits are more closely related to horses than they are to rodents or mice.

George Washington didn't have a middle name.

People weren't always said to "smoke tobacco." That phrase didn't become popular until the 1750s. Before that, the expression for smoking was to "drink tobacco."

The Romans did not use chariots in ancient wars. They used them for sport and transportation, not in war.

There is no one place known as the Kremlin. Moscow has one, but so do lots of Russian cities. In Russian, Kremlin means a citadel or fortress. Also, Moscow'* Kremlin is not a specific building, but a complex within a large walled space.
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