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ssesc93 is on a distinguished road

I wish I never put my personal business on here now. I just didnt know who to talk to. My family hears hte same stuff over and ove just like you all do. Here I go again. Sorry. I dont hav elots of freinds.
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willwren is on a distinguished road

Putting your personal business on here is NOT out of line. It obviously belongs in the lounge, and other members should have enough respect for you to either post ON TOPIC, or not to post at all.
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SSE14U24ME is on a distinguished road

While I can agree with Jim W and Bill to a point I can only say that- Some of the most interesting conversations have taken place when we have gone off on a tangent. The only one I think we stayed on track with was the word game. It is not like it is being done in other areas of the Club and you can only discuss a joke for so long before it takes a new direction and then picks up momentum. This is just my opinion.
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BonnieBrougham is on a distinguished road

However, due to the SEVERITY of the off topic posts (and the cynicism) we are losing members, and losing interest.

You have to take into account the feelings of the person who STARTED a thread, if the off topic posting is okay with them, then it should be alright. HOWEVER, if the person who started the thread wishes it to stay ON topic, and says so in a thread, then you have to respect that, preferably without criticism, or references to communism.

This thread, for example, went off on a tangent when Jim SPECIFICALLY requested that it stay on topic.

Think about it.

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Old 03-29-2004, 10:40 AM   #45
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Princess Jeanie is on a distinguished road

I know this post is a long time coming, but here goes...

I agree with much of what Jim said about the direction this forum was (and I said was, because I think the past week and such has seen a vast improvement). I have mentioned before, part of the appeal of this forum is that we are all adults (or pretty darn close) who were originally brought together by our love of our cars (or talked into joining by our siblings ). I have been a member of other boards which have taken similar directions (although, we don't have the same flaming problems, but still the problems of our forum are not unique). This particuar board has been left with little choice but to have the admins and mod keep total control over all new lounge threads-sad, really. But I regress, back to the idea of the fact that we are adults, we shouldn't have to be reminded to keep a basic sense of respect and common sense, I do also agree with the fact that these threads (the lounge especially) are like little converstations which do at times go off on tangents which are fun, beneficial and logical. It'* a thin line that we have to always keep in mind-what it too off topic and what adds to the tread without taking away from it, but it is a line we are all mature enough to find. I also will add, that I need to follow this as much as anyone else on here, so the above is not only an extraverted analaysis but also an introverted one.

Ending on a positive note--I think improvements have been made over the past little bit, and I'm sure that they will continue.
AND....again, thanks so much to our admins and mods, you guys are wonderful--we'd all be no where without you
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94 SSE with Sizzle is on a distinguished road

Ok, here goes,..I wish I could take back my comments I made earlier, but I can't. It'* there for the world to see. I hope that people read my earlier post, because that was definatly more intune w/ the yopic and the way this was intended. But my comments in rebuttle to Jason were out of line. I broke the cardinal rule of airing dirty laundy! And I was wrong.

I was going to pm Bill and Jim to appologize, but decided that would be chicken ****, so I wanted to appologize to everyone I offended. I was pissed and maybe trying to defend John and Tracy, as well as myself for our comments. But that isn't my job to do so. I should have NEVER mentioned Jim and Bill by name in my post either to make a point, that was totally out of line. Again I appologize to them.

I do love this place, and the people, but like a family, everyone argues and fights sometimes, so that'* not new. But the idea of someone leaving because of my remarks is not what I want. For that matter, offending them is not my intent. I do think things would be better for everyone tho if we let the administrators and moderaters do the policeing, then we can't get angry. They set the rules, end of story.

Now I guess this is off topic, at this point, I really don't know . But with that said, I just wanted to appologize to EVERYONE involved!
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ratmfan2118 is on a distinguished road

K well everybody has said the interpersonal things about this site so I am going ot talk about other stuff. I love the social scene of BC but another reason I love BC so much is how helpfulit truly is. No word of a lie I have saved over 500 bucks in diagnostic work because of advice from members and admins. Thanks again

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Old 04-05-2004, 04:42 PM   #48
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TrueWildMan is on a distinguished road

Oookay...I leave for a few weeks and what happened?!?!

Flaming?!? Here?!? For shame...

We each have a responsibility towards each other here. One thing I consider the most important attribute, as Jim has stated, is the ability to respect your fellow human being. He'* right, this is the sole, well, attitude that we have to keep hold on. And if we don't have a hold of that, get a hold of it.

I cringe when I hear ones say, "Well, he/she has to gain my respect." No. Wrong. Have respect first, then, if they do something to lose that respect, then they need to gain it back. But, in the context of losing one'* respect, remember one word:

Long-suffering: noun
: long and patient endurance of offense

We are not involved in a contest of wits. Wisdom comes from a conglomerate of minds. Not just one.

In short--lighten up.
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