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Am I alone here (fuel for debate)


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No problem with nudity myself, I just get cold easy.
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sure, youre born naked. that isnt reason enough to walk around naked. can you imagine how complicated itd be to have clothing forming in the womb as well?

youre also born crying [im guessing], should you walk around crying? that would be incredibly annoying as well.

the real issue here is conforming to societal norms - and when its acceptable to break them. obviously societal norms rule in any society, and you make societal norms when a majority of people decide "this will be the norm."

example: when youre in your home [alone], you comprise 100% of the population. societal norm for you then might say its okay to walk around naked. well, its okay because no one in that society cares. but go into the larger world [say . . . wally-world], and suddenly youre a much smaller aspect of society, and that society is so large that norms take longer to change [call it inertia]. you might decide you want to walk around naked in wally-world, but the society still says its not the norm, and you will be ostracised as failing to fit the norm. in some cases you will even be confined away from society in something like a prison or a time-out.

summation: when you comprise the majority of a society, you make your own norms and can do what you want within that society. but once you become the minority, you have to hold yourself accountable to society'* whims or the society will hold you accountable.

society says "no shirt, no shoes, no service" - wear shirts and shoes. pants are optional apparently.
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I was the original one to post and it was not my gf she created an account without my knowledge and it is gettting handled in pm'*

as for the the nudity issue I am part danish and I got to talking to someone from over there and it was brought to my attention that you can walk downtown butt naked if you wish over here but here it is looked at as a obsenity to do that don't get me wrong. I will wear clothes when "appropriate" but to me it seems like it is a form of making you dislike your own body and cover it. I am going on a limb here and saying that each person is an indiviual and I think should be treated that way. Each person is not the same but with clothes like a business suit is like you are trying to make cookie cutter ppl. My coworkers think it is not a modest thing to do and is all about sex but to me it is just appreciating someone for who they are when you get down to the basics
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Ever listened to the Primus song "Natureboy"? I think it'* BlackBird'* personal anthem

Nothing wrong with doing it as long as you're not hurting anybody. I think your comment about clothing "making you dislike your own body" has some validity. Too many people are dissatisfied with their appearance when naked, which is a sad fact when you think about it.
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Originally Posted by willwren
If you were being serious, you wouldn't have re-joined. Bye-bye. Your ban is permanent.

Back on topic please.
Or he created a dupe...
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