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Jim W is on a distinguished road

The 89 Bonneville was bought new from the factory in Sept 1989 with upgraded features on the SE model, power everything, alloy rims, block heater, GM performance exhaust, F41 suspension. This car was bought from my grandmother to boot around in. I always liked the car and eventually bought it for $2500 with just over 145 000 kms. Drove it for a just under 2 years when I spotted a diamond white Aurora for sale near my friends house.

Him and I talked about it, and he had told me he had seen it as well, but someone else was checkin it out, so he didnt bother. On my way home I stopped for the hell of it, just to look around. The owner snuck up behind me and asked if I liked it. I took the car for a small cruze around the block and was very impressed with the fit and finish of this car. I went home and mentioned to my late father how perfect this car would be for my mother.

I decided that night that I wanted that car. So I called my financial advisor telling him to secure $9000 dollars for me. I called Paul (SpoTT) and he told me that we should go again on Monday and see if the car is still there. I called the owner, and he informed me that another gent had just put in an offer of $11 000 (asking price :$10 500), but he hadnt recieved a deposit, so I was still in priority sequence.

I sold RLD (the Bonneville) to Paul right there for $2000. He always wanted it as a second car. Anyway, Paul gave me $1000 cash right there. We took the Aurora out again and ran threw the paces. I took it home and mom and dad checked it over and were mighty impressed. My dad said go for it!.

Paul and I went back and waved $1000 bux at the owner and said, this $1000 bux is yours if I can have that car. I can give you another $9500 by Friday once the money gets off the markets and into my dirty lil hands. He agreed.

That weekend was my BonnevilleClub summer meet when I met The Allen Family, Mike and Renee, Hailey and Rob, and many other BC members. Peter (bonnie94sse) had stayed at my house that night and we went together to pick up the Aurora.

We cruzed up to the first meeting place in my new car.

Paul later showed up in RLD and it ended up being a kick *** time. And thats my tale!
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I wanted a Bonneville ever since falling in love with my friend'* parent'* '92 SSEi when I was in high school. Always loved seeing them on the road and browsing at dealerships, especially after the body updates and chrome torque stars on the 96-99'*. When we sold our '96 Avenger and it came time for a 4-door "family" car earlier this year, there was no other option but to shop for a gently used Bonny. My ideal dream was a black '99 SSEi, but for price and availability reasons I bought a dark green '98 SLE (same body style, fewer bells and whistles) with the torque stars... which I absolutely adored.

Less than four months later, the upper intake exploded (literally) and the engine caught fire while the dealership was working on it. GM refused to take full responsibility and give me a decent settlement, so my insurance totalled it out. To replace it, I bought a '99 Olds Aurora (and I know you are all still waiting for pictures)! Irony at its finest!
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I wanted an L67 powered car and I'm devoted to BonnevilleClub. TA DA!
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A guy I know had problems with this ssei I have now ever sense he bought it and it was sitting in his garage for about 6 months, Ive always liked bonnevilles and this one was specifically special because of the color, but knowing the work I would have to put into this car I wasnt willing to splurge on it. He tossed up the idea of trading my well running 89 F-150 rust bucket for the immobile SSEi, I was game for this plan. So we did so, and no longer than a week later he made the F-150 immobile, he was putting subs in ii tandsomething happened with wires and now the truck doesn get fuel. So I think he just has a bad touch with vehicles, especially since this truck has been running problem free for years.

i got the truck for free, so basically the bonneville was free + all the extensive work I put into it. But rougly figuring I have about $700 into it so far...
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How I got my 92 Bonneville SE.

My story is, I was looking for a decent replacement for a 92 Dodge Dynasty that broke down on me, that had a electrical proplem and a clog cat fallen headliner, plus it wasn't really my style it had 275,000 miles on it. I was in a market for a 96-97 Saturn SL the SL'* model has the twin cam engine powerful for it size and quick. I was going with something to compete with the rice burners.

Then one day I said to myself, self what are you doing, you are a Pontiac fan your first car was a Pontiac from mom, your second car was a Pontiac, your third car was a Pontiac. Your sixth car was a Pontiac, your seventh car was a Pontiac quess what? I want a Pontiac, I only had a 2,500 dollar budget to spend thought about a F-Body Pontiac but I needed something with 2 more doors.

Came across a 92 SSEi with 145,000 miles for 2,950 dollars, it was clean but was missing headlight washer nozzels on the drivers side, exhaust tips and it had the gold cross lace rims, but the dealer would only come down to 2,700 dollars and no further, so I had to pass, remember I only had a 2,500 Budget.

Stop by at another dealer on my war back home and came across two 92SE'* at different dealerships right next to each other. One had a bench seat which I didn't like the other one was for 2,650 and at the time I was to tired to haggle, so I went home. The next day I was on the Internet a did a search at kellys blue.com used cars and came up with a list of Bonnevilles in my area, and one being the one I look at the day before that was 2,650. I read the the Webpage listing for that particluar car and it had a Webpage special, a price of 1,999 just print out the page a bring it with you. When I arrived back at the dealer with the printed out webpage, his secratary gave me the keys so I can check out the car.

I was looking over the car with my 12 year old and mother when the owner of the dealership came up to me and said, if I want the car I'll let you have it for 1,700 I couldn't believe my ears. I thoroughly check the car out undercarriage road test the works. And she has a floor console working AC with 114,000 miles on her I was like sold. Had the car for a month since then.

So thats my story driven the car with no proplems or complaints. When I registered on this site I came across the RPO codes and check mines out, and I struck a gold mine. Check out my options on my webpage.

And that'* my story.
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beckstyle is on a distinguished road

How i found my bonnie

Well I am about to turn 16 (b-day is August 29th) and have been looking at cars for a while. I wanted a sedan that was quick and great looking. So i started to look at Taurus SHO'* and Bonneville SSEi'*. After a while of searching i was getting angry because i couldn't find anything in my area.

So one day i go up to the best buy in the town next to mine and snoop around for a while. After that i decide to go out to eat with my mom. While we were eating my mom says that while we are up here we should take a look at some of the car lots up here.

We take a look at a couple of places and find nothing. Then we get to this dealer that has a '95 ssei, a black '97 taurus sho, and a '94 grand prix. So i ask about the ssei and the sho, both a little above my price range. So we decided to leave. We were about to head home and my mom spots another dealer and says lets just check them out then be on our way home.

So we are goin through the dealer and i spot a 1992 Bonneville SSEi, blue with matching rims, no sunroof, leather, and just 124k miles. I take a look at it and the sticker says $2988!!!!! I was shocked, a rather rare SSEi, low miles, BEAUTIFUL shape. We asked if we could take it for a spin, this is the first supecharged bonnie i have driven. I get it on the highway behind a stupid ricer. I punched it and breazed by the stupid ricer. I took a look over it at a parking lot and realize that this thing is in wonderful condition. The only problem was that the compass and the other computer thing were blinking. The guy took the price down because of that.

After i bought it i got it home and noticed that the more i drive it the more the compass and the other thing work.

All in all, I could not be more happy with my first car. And this is just the beginning. I'm going to put in a sound system, cold air intake, new exhaust when i get the time and money.
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In 2001 Me and my late wife were looking for a replacement to our 1991 Regal Limited (shown here http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/613816/3) and we drove into the local Saturn dealership which was owned by Lou Fusz who sold us the Regal, and I loked the no haggle pricing. There were VERY few cars at the lot wit the price actually on them, but as we drove into the lot I saw this absolutely beutifull Bonneville SSEi, but I figured it was at least a 99 (this was before I knew the body styles well enough to know better) so I looked at it but then said "well this has to be WAY out of our budget". Our budget was $14,000 or less, so we went on to look at a Chrysler Cirrus and a few Saturns they had on the lot. We were standing next to a RAV4 that I was trying to talk my wife out of when the sales lady snuck up behind us and asked us if we wanted to see a list of cars in our price range. I told her were werent interested in a car with no guts so if she were going to show me our price range she better be showing me cars with at least a V6 or DOHC. The first car on the list was the Bonne... MY EYES BULGED OUT OF MY HEAD. I was elated to see that not only was the car in my price range but it was about $4000 less than my price range. I bought her with 79k on the clock for $9995
and decided to buy the extended warranty. The bad thing is I chose the 5 yr loan so today I am still making payments (although I will pay it off by next year).

I found out that I purchased the Bonne for about $100 less than bluebook at the time, but I am still very happy with my purchase.
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SSsuperchargedEi is on a distinguished road

Originally Posted by Rage772
$42,000 bucks, brand new.

wtf was he thinking???
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SSE14U24ME is on a distinguished road

I had been driving my Toyota pickup as a main vehicle and wanted a change. My son saw the 91 bonne and brought it home for me to look at it. I test drove it and fell in love with it. I got it for $2,000 out the door. I have had it now for almost 3 years and am so happy with it.
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harofreak00 is on a distinguished road

got her within 2 hours of seeing it on ebay...


took off work, and drove 1000 miles one way with a friend to go pick it up in beverly ohio. bought it from a dealer that had no idea what he was doing, huge hick. the trip home was 1200 miles and we went through a lot of gas....well worth it..
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