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View Poll Results: Is the SSEI really Worth It ?
Keep the SE for the cheaper gas 3 6.98%
Buy the SSEI the cost of gas is worth the driving expierence 34 79.07%
Keep the SE and add SLE options IE:leather steering controls, sunroof. 6 13.95%
Voters: 43. You may not vote on this poll

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32 mpg in the Zilla, 29 in the SLE. Never regret the L67 in either.

After 5 years on this Forum, I'd like to have a dollar for every time someone with a non-supercharged model has asked how hard it is to add a supercharger.........

Food for thought.
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When I bought my SE, there was an SSEI on the lot also. I bought the SE, because I thought the insurance would be cheaper. If I would have gotten a quote, I would have know otherwise. I've regretted my decision ever since. The worst wife told me to get the SSEI.
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GAMEOVER is on a distinguished road

its all in what your looking for

i think a ssei is all around a better car
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I agree with what'* said about the benefits of the SSEi, but if you're putting on a lot of miles I wouldn't go for the SSEi. The price of gas is high, I find I'm over protective about my SSEi and when you drive 2500+ miles a month you'll hit a lot of rough roads and see a lot of wear and tear. If you go for an SSEi, buy a beater with a heater to help split up the miles.

IMO Keep the SE and mod it.
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If you drive in a city environment a lot where there is constant stop and go traffic, then the SSEi'* mileage will hurt you slightly more. However, the both motors are so similar that it really makes no major difference.

My old N/A Bonnie would get better mileage in the city than my GTP, because I'm always in high traffic situations. However, the GTP did MUCH better on the freeway.

I never really think about the cost of premium gas because it'* not a huge difference.
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Default Re: Is the SSEI really worth it ??

Originally Posted by windshield_time
(cause when you're married everything must go through your wife ) .
my said the same thing... then she got freaking ticked when my insurance jumped...
you add a supercharger and gee the insurance companys love you!!!!
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I didn't get a new car, just the engine into my SLE and I can say it is totally worth it. Like Bill said, I get about the same MPG if I keep my foot out of the throttle, but that doesn't happen very often. On the highway I am getting about 30-32 depending on road elevation changes. In the city I get sucky mileage, but that is just me. Be careful not to get hosed on trading in the SE though because dealers don't think they are worth much money. My dad is a dealer so I get the inside scoop on that kind of stuff and Bonnies bring in really low trades for what they are worth to us.
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If you buy the SSEi figure a mod budget into your payments
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Someone listed the extra options you get with the SSEi. At least one of them, -magnasteer, came with my SE. Many of the other options I don't consider to be a big deal, like the Bose stereo. My wife'* GP has the Bose stereo, my Bonneville has all aftermarket, and mine kicks the @$$ out of her Bose system.

I wish some options, like the FE2 suspension in particular, was standard across all models. I'm stuck with FE1. I tried to get all the parts to do an FE2 upgrade, but the only way I really could have done it was if I bought an FE2-equipped donor vehicle. I ultimately just gave up and decided to stick with my FE1. Recently I saw a member did a full FE2 swap from a donor car. I'm jealous. But not so much that I'll go trade in my SE for an SSEi.

As to whether the SSEi driving experience is worth it, I beg you to just simply go test drive one. Find one at a used car dealership and DRIVE IT. I think only you can be the judge of whether the driving experience is going to be a dealbreaker for you. For me, the SE cost a lot less, and the driving experience wasn't a deal breaker.
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That'* a good question to ask yourself. I have an SE, SSE, and SSEI in the '95 to '98 vintage.

I like the SE and SSEI equally, but for different reasons. With basic mods, the SE is a smart fun car. It is incredibly agile, light, and quick. Plus I have the feelsmart bump of getting sometimes stunning gas mileage on regular. At its age, its off the books. It'* like a free car until I fix it up for donation to the Vet Center.

My wife loves the SSE. It has every single toy except for the CCR. She got liking the cockpit right away. Again, with basic mods and the BC Best Practices tune-up it garners economy. For my money, with the extra weight and the FE2 suspension it doesn't have the buzz around feel of the SE. It'* more of straight line cruiser and that'* what the wife uses it for. Put some smooth touring tires on and the wife has been glowing.

The SSEI is all of the above. Except it doesn't just seem fast and quick... it IS fast and quick. I'm not talking about hammer throttle, I don't drive that way most of the time. When you hit the throttle you don't wait for the car to catch up, it'* already there. You have to measure what that is worth. Also this will someday be the most modded car in the family, for a couple reasons. I'm a neo-wrencher, just got the basics and a little more under my belt this year. As i learn more, and do more (ie the SC), there will be a pride in ownership for me to have a sturdy classic and i did it myself.

The economy issue is moot to me. When gas is $3.00, what the hell is a $.20 difference for premium? 6%? $3-4 per week? Those scumbag oilpatch boys are going to have more impact on me with their manipulating of the futures market, than whether i use regular or premium. Then there'* the mods. Almost all of the hiperf mods the guys do here are not only about hp, they are also about mechanical efficiency. Yeah, there are some that are for pure instantaneous torque, but the rest also mean mpgs if you are a grandpa like me. I expect to be in the 20s combined and push 30 on the highway. That'* N/A numbers. Plus I'm looking around the neighborhood at everybody'* high priced rice, and small beer cans on wheels. Nobody is getting their pants wet and decent mpgs at the same time. I intend to.

If you aren't interested in having skinned knuckles, and it sounds like the economy thing would continually bug you, I would suggest you get an SLE or SSE or whatever models are '00+ with all the bells and whistles you can heap on. And it'* not an either/or situation. If you get wrenchhappy at some point, you can push the N/A, too. Then you are economy smart or all out go, depending on the weight of your gas foot.

Didn't mean to go on. Recently wrote this email to a friend on the relative merits of an SSEI. He'* worked everything on his SE to the point he'* gonna break a rod if he punches it.
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