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Default To Sell or not to sell... Fun at the Dealership!


Quick Story and maybe you guys can give me some advice too

Thinking about Selling my Bonneville :( but no decisions are final yet. I've been looking around the Area for used Cadillac STS'*. Well, I was back at Randall Pontiac last night to see a used STS they had advertised, which was the dealer I ordered all my parts from when I fixed my heat problem a couple months ago. For those of you that remember, they had the used Black 2000 SSEi with 32k miles on it, GM Certified, and were asking $22,600 that caught my eye. Anyways, last night I'm looking for this STS driving through the lot, and I come across this Bonneville again. Its not out front anymore by the road, they've moved it back a few rows, but it was surely the same car. I figured I'd look at it agian for ***** n giggles, and this time its marked $20,498. Still certified and all, just reduced.

Got me thinking Hrmm.. When I looked at it the first time for $22,600, the guy told me they would take $1k off and that was their bottom line. So I could most likely walk in there right now and offer them $19,500, no trade, and take it home.

I would sell my car outright on e-bay instead of trading it in and getting crap for it if I decided to go this route, but last night was kind of funny. This pretty cool sales guy comes out, maybe in his mid 30'*, and we just start shootin the **** about Bonnevilles. The dealer was open till 9 for some god unknow reason, and it was about 8:15 when I was there and it was DEAD, so he was probably pretty bored.

Anyways, he gives me the keys to this '00 SSEi and tells me to go ahed and get in, start it up etc... In the mean time he'* checking out mine. Hes like "Is this yours?" I'm like "Umm, yea". "I like your license plates, that shows your a TRUE Bonneville Owner" I laughed and said thanks, and then hes like "Why do you want to get rid of this one anyways??" I responded "Well, I dont really want to, I just want something new and different I guess, that and the fact that mine now has 136,000 miles on it"

What he says next shocked me (hearing it comes from a SALESMAN). "136,000?? That'* NOTHIN for that motor, your nuts, you should just keep this one". Now normally when you go to the dealership and get these pesky salesman, they are trying to talk you into buying somthing, anything, everything, no matter what.

This dude was actually trying to talk me OUT of it (like skza and boseman usually do :P ). We kept talkin for a while, then finally he says "Trust me, I could let you test drive this SSEi right now if you want, but I can tell you exactly what the 2 things are your going to notice that are different... 1) Its going to have a little bit more pep, so big deal. 2) Your going to have an extra $250 added to on top of whatever your paying now, and that'* it"

Honestly, the man had a point.. I finally came out and straight up asked him "Do you not want me to buy this car, because you seem to think I should keep mine, and have you really driven that many of them to tell me that those are the only 2 differences?" He responded "You can buy whatever you want of course, and I'd be glad to sell it to you. And the reason I feel the way I do about the difference between the two cars and wether its worth the money or not.... Is because I have a '96 SLE myself, and I weighed the idea or trading her in a year or so ago myself" Ahhh, now it all made sense.. One Bonneville owner to another. Turns out this guys car had 110'* when he considered doing the same thing as me, and today him and his family still use it and it has well over 180k and is running strong. Now its just my decision I suppose.....

Ok, so the news ones are stiffer, and yea, the L67 would be nice, but I'm talking $400+ month payments opposed to my $200 now. I guess what it comes down to, is this. How much do you think I could get for my car?? I was going to put it on e-bay and start the bidding at $4800, No Reserve. Do you guys think this is a good price if I were to do it? Should it be higher? lower? Or should I just shut-up, keep what I got (which isnt that bad) and drive the thing into the ground??

Here is what would be going on e-bay:

1995 Pontiac Bonneville SSE – NO RESERVE!!

You are bidding on a Beautiful 1995 Pontiac Bonneville SSE. The car is a very unique Silver/Grey Color with Black/Silver Interior which you see very few of around!! This car is loaded with EVERY available option possible for the SSE trim, including Heads-Up Display, Auto-Command Ride Adjustable Air Suspension, Dual 18-way Adjustable Front Power Seats and more!!

Factory Options Include:

-3800 Series II Engine
-Full Leather Interior
-Auto Digital Climate Control
-Power Locks, Windows, Mirrors, 18-way Front Seats
-Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
-Heads-Up Display (HUD) – Projects Speed and other vital info onto windshield.
-CD Player with Steering Wheel Controls
-Driver and Passenger Airbags
-Auto-Command Ride Adjustable Air Suspension (Buttons on Console)
-Traction Control
-Ice Cold A/C
-Factory Alarm System with Keyless Entry
-Center Fog Lights
-Factory Rear Spoiler
-Factory dual exhaust
-Factory Power 2-Way Moonroof
-Premium Sound System with Factory Amp
-97+ 5-Spoke Bonneville Style Rims and BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires in good condition

Included Options:

The car currently has a Viper 600 HF Alarm System with Built in Remote Start that I had installed when I bought it, and I am including it with the sale!! It provides Remote Lock/Unlock, Trunk Release, Panic, Remote Start, And Car Finder (Beeps the Horn) all on the same 4 button remote (2 included)!! A feature I also added was a Viper Remote paging system which alerts you when the alarm is going off through a vibrating / beeping pager you keep with you! Unfortunately I lost the pager a year or so ago, so in order to use this feature you would have to buy a new pager at approx $40, but the rest of the unit is already installed ($250 option).

Every single option on this car works perfectly as it did new, and the engine runs smooth as can be, and shifts like new. There are no warning lights or problems or anything like that at all, just a great car!! A HUGE Majority of the miles on this car were on the New York State Thruway and Route 104 as I used it to commute to college and back, driving roughly 3 hours a DAY (150 miles) on the highway, EVERYDAY during the semester, for the past 2 years straight. I’ve always kept the car VERY well maintained, and it has been serviced at Valvoline Instant Oil Change(*) every 3k since I bought it, and I’ve kept every receipt to prove it. My best friend’* father owns/runs the local automatic car wash so the car has been washed roughly 2 times a week and the body is in EXCELLENT shape as well! Any work (if any) that I’ve had done such as the water pump and front wheel bearings were replaced with Genuine AC-Delco parts only, and I also have EVERY receipt for all that as well. This is a $32,000 car brand new, I even have the OE window sticker!! This car still books for $6k not including all the extras I’m including!

The car also has a Class II Hidden Trailer Hitch installed (see pics), and Air Lift* Inflatable air bags inside the rear springs to help keep the rear end level when towing my very light Personal Watercraft (both installed this spring). For extra protection I also added a Heavy Duty Transmission Fluid Cooler when I first bought the car (see pics). You can use the factory “Inflation Port” in the trunk of the car, which uses the factory air compressor used to adjust the suspension, to fill up a low tire or the rear air bag helper kit right from the trunk. This feature came right from Pontiac on certain equipped SSE models, and this was one of them. I will include the 25’ coil air hose I have for it as well.

I will be keeping some of the aftermarket items shown in the pics such as the Valentine One Radar detector and Motorola Cell-Phone kit, but the rest goes with the car! Here is a list of aftermarket Accessories that WILL BE INCLUDED in the final sale if the buyer wishes they remain on the car, if not I can easily remove them and put back to stock (accept the painted panels):

- Custom Painted Interior Panels (Same Silver As Car, See Pics..)
- Dual Band / Tri-Mode 5db Gain Cellular Phone Antenna
(I don’t want to take this antenna off because it may harm the tint, I’ll leave that to the
buyer if they want it off, its in the center of the top of the rear window, See Pics…)
- Racing Pedal Covers (Awesome Grip)
- Viper 600HF Complete Alarm System with Remote Start
- Viper Paging System which Pages when Alarm is Activated / Car is Started
- GTS Headlight Covers
- GTS Low Profile Sunroof Wind Deflector
- Black Painted Exhaust Tips
- Window Tint 15% all side windows, 5% back window
- Custom Black Vinyl SSE symbols for front doors and trunk
- Draw-Tite Hidden Trailer Hitch (Class II)
- 97+ Bonneville 5-Spoke Rims on BFG Radial T/A Tires with Approx 50% tread.
- Kleen Wheels Brake Dust Protectors on Every Wheel
- BFGoodrich Radial T/A Tires (50% Tread)
- Custom "Pontiac Red" Rear License Plate Bulbs
- Custom "Pontiac Red" Bulbs Above Exhaust Tips (2 per side)
- K&N Drop In Replacement Air Filter
- Custom CAI with Modified stock air box and drop in K&N filter
- Air-Lift Air Bags Inside Rear Springs To Help During Towing
- PIAA High-Intensity Headlamp Bulbs (2) 9005'* and (2) 9006'*
- PIAA High-Intensity Fog Lamp Bulbs (60 Watts Each)
- PIAA High-Intensity Back-Up Bulbs (150 Watts Each)
- Custom Relay Setup Which Keeps Low Beams ON While High Beams Are On
- Custom Relay Setup Which Keep Fog Lights ON While High Beams Are On
- Custom Dome Wire Override Switch To Keep HUD And Instrument Lights BRIGHT
During Daytime With Parking Lamps On
- Heavy Duty Transmission Fluid Cooler

ALL BIDS ARE FINAL!! Remember that by placing a bid on this vehicle you are entering into a legal and binding contract to purchase the above-described vehicle. We reserve the right to cancel all bids and end an auction early should the vehicle no longer be available for sale. The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Payment Terms: 10% deposit due within 2 business days of auction'* close.
Remaining balance due within 7 days of auction'* close.

Payment Methods: Cash or Certified Check only.

Thanks as always Everyone
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Hey Chris that'* a tough choice.

I've owned a 96 SE and currently have an 02 SE. There are a few other differences besides pick up and payments. The 02 has less headroom then my old 96 but it does a lot of other things better. It generally feels more refined, seems to handle and stop better because it has 4 wheel disc instead of the disc drum like the prior versions.

Your 95 though is very nice and you have obviously spent a lot of time improving it. Many of the things you have done to it I'm sure you will want to repeat on the SSEi if you buy it so that will add to it'* cost. A few other items will increase your out of pocket expenses too; insurance will be higheron the SSEi, and the SSEi runs on premium not regular octane, and with as much as you drive that can get expensive too.

It'* a tough choice but only you can decide what is best for you. I'm probably not much help but that'* my 2 cents.
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Hey Term, I guess you won't be happy until you sell and get your Denali or whatever you changed your mind to this week, LOL. one little piece of advice, don't get a STS.
When I go to the dealer to get my cutlass worked on ( my friend works there) you should hear what the mechanics say about the engine in that car.
Let'* just say you don't wan't to know and after listening to them I won't even consider one of those cars.

Just my $0.02
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Yea, I hear ya guys... I'm not really sure what I'm exactly going to do yet, but Saturday morning I got up and washed the bonny down real nice, cleaned just about everything, conditioned the leather, and realized how much I really do like this car, and how good of shape its in. Part of me wants something sportier and more fun like a 5-Speed Saab SE Turbo Convertible, and part of me wants a nice big SUV to haul all my gear and pull the waverunner around without worries, like a Yukon Denali, but I just cant decide on which way to go. For now I've decided to keep the Bonneville until next spring at least, and hopefully by then I will have it all paid off, and will know exactly what I want. Once you break 125k miles, the re-sale valve somewhat levels off so I could probably get just as much for the car then as I could now. I also Graduated from college at Oswego in May, so I'm not driving my Bonneville NEARLY as much as I used to, maybe 40 miles a day now, tops. Anyways, thats for all your replies. Its good to get some friendly advice from people every now and then, kinda makes ya step back and take a look at the big picture.

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Keep the Bonnie, and save your pennies for the STS or Denali. Might take awhile, but who hasn't benefited from an extra set of wheels? Besides, Terminator Bonnevill-less? HORRORS!
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