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Default Keeping me in check

Ok, this evening i was casually crusing home from a friends house at about 70 (only 5 over limit) and it had rained enough to make the road look like a mirror. We were taking it easy because of the bad road conditions. A riced out BMW flew up next to me and hung with me for a while and revved to try and get me to race or sumthin. Of course i thought this guy was nuts. I stayed at the same speed and he just got mad and tried to show off by gunning it to get in front of me. Low and behold he guns it, and his expensive tires just couldnt stick with all that rice power and he spun 'um (keep in mind, while raining) and at proly 80 mph his rear end shot out and he spun across the road in front off me. His car was face to face with mind, i could see into the frighened whites of his eyes (which also scared me to death). I slammed on my breaks (and thanks to GM engineering and Goodyear Regatta2'*) and safely came to a stop on the side of the road where his car his a sewer ditch hard and bounced up into a few large trees (proly still at about 50mph or so) and fell back down to the ditch. The car was so twisted and mangled you couldnt even tell it was a BMW. To the relief of all 30 or so people that stopped to help (3 Bonnevilles, not that it supprised me or anything ) he was ok, minus a few bruises and air-bag burns. I let him sit in my car to warm up and dry off untill the ambulance came, and off he went, the paramedics said he was VERY lucky (although im sure he knew this). I know this experience humbled me, and i thought id share it to keep people in check when they try to show off. Moral: DONT SHOW OFF, esp when its RAINING. Stay humble, be the quiet killer. Everyone knows we can kick ***, but use disgresion and BE HUMBLE. (Sorry for the rant, but after this i had to vent)
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jeez, what the hell was he thinking?
alot of people dont seem to realize rain reduces traction
about a year ago a buddy of mine was cruising I-30 in his 85 LeSabre, went to get off at exit 220A, a very tight clover, speedlimit 30
he didnt slow down quick enough and we hydroplaned, flew about 10 feet in the air, put a huge sign to its death, and landed in a ditch
the sign barely cleared the windsheild, thanks to a bend at the top of it
we kinda left the scene, seeing as that sign had to cost a pretty penny and he was broke, he was so scared i had to drive him home, keep the car at my house and give it back the next day
a brush with death always seems funny and stupid after you do it
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Vent on man....glad to hear that you are OK, could have been a lot worse for everyone.

Be smart and drive safe
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I hear that. Cruising up to the metro area I started to hydroplane. Wasnt showing off or being dumb, just normal 68 mph. Good advice, don't screw around with funny weather.
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Another thing is that even though we all own "heavy" and "large" cars we can still be taken for a spin!
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Good point...glad you vented. I wish people took rain more seriously here in NH; I think they figure that beside all the snow, sleet, and ice we get here, rain is nothing...
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Default Not only in wet weather

I got cut off on the expressway going 75 and I slammed on the brakes because this person was like not even a foot away from my front bumper... When I slammed on the brakes I turned the wheel to dodge her and started to spin... I did a 360 and went into the ditch. 75+ people shouldnt be able to drive if they have glasses the size of magnifying glass'*... Anyways I was in the ditch and I pushed it out... and drove away... Drove the same...thank god...
Anyways the funny part was... you know those hust fountain drinks you get from a gas station like a 64 oz.... I had that in my left hand the entire time.....
Well as you can see bad things like that arent always in bad weather.....
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