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Default Re: lmao

Originally Posted by 1992 trofeo
"High Performance Pontiac"
never thought those words would be in the same sentance
considering you are on a Pontiac Bonneville bord, i do believe you've just made a statement that will draw flames to you like bees to honey... and let me be the first to say i don't apreciate that comment... i have restrained myself until now, but after this insult i can see no reason to hold back. let me start with a few quotes...

thanks to the magic of quotes (he edited the original) we have this lovely quote which can be found here quoted in it'* first modifed version by our lovely mod Jr: http://www.bonnevilleclub.com/forum/...ic.php?p=62483
Originally Posted by 1992 trofeo
If you just want a kick before a run spray some quick start in you spark plug holes
yeah... thats gonna give you one hell of a "kick"...

original post here: http://www.bonnevilleclub.com/forum/...ghlight=#63017
Originally Posted by 1992 trofeo
Is limo tint just black paint?
genious, pure genious... is limo tint just black paint... i used to think there was no such thing as a dumb question, but you have just proven me incorrect...

original post here: http://www.bonnevilleclub.com/forum/...ghlight=#63511
Originally Posted by 1992 trofeo
Easy to take dings out... *my wife drives 2 dark colored cars* so I know How to get those dings and creases out. because there newish cars they have thin metel so tey ding and crease easy. All you have to do is get a propane torch and ***CARFULLY*** heat up the area... slowly... then just tap it with a soft headed malet and the little ding from a door or what ever with just pop out..

-If I ever go shopping and its not just to get coke at the drug mart.. I'll just park in the middle of 3 or 4 stalls.. for a 25dollar ticket its not a big deal... i think ive only gotta like 3...
ive been trying to teach this act to my wife, because she just about all the time she goes to the mall I have to do dent repair from inconsiderate people and they doors.
hmm... where to start... ok, on that torch... one question, what happens to paint and clear coat when you hit it with a propane torch??? now, on to the part about inconsiderate people hitting your car with their doors... how considerate are you being with taking up three or four spaces??? in my book, not very... i for one would be tempted to key your car if i couldn't find any other spots... great idea...

original post here: http://www.bonnevilleclub.com/forum/...pic.php?t=6836
Originally Posted by 1992 trofeo
when on long trips i just go into the flow of traffic.. and if the the wifes not there and someone passes me.. ill pass them back slow down.. till the try to pass again... then speed up.. then slow.. then fast.. almost unknown.. like maybe only a 10km/h difference.. like i wasnt driving with cruise.. I dought i pissed anyone off.
you doubt that you've pissed off anyone??? i ran into someone like you just today, some black woman in her Acura 3.2 TL Type-*, you doubt she pissed me off??? you got another thing comming... she pissed the hell out of me, and so do you!

original post here: http://www.bonnevilleclub.com/forum/...pic.php?t=6254
Originally Posted by 1992 trofeo
are there harsh chemicals that can bleech my lenses white? (on the front turns)
umm... harsh chemicals... what for so you can eat through the whole cover thus necessetating a whole new headlight unit... umm, great idea tofu...

original post here: http://www.bonnevilleclub.com/forum/...pic.php?t=6545
Originally Posted by 1992 trofeo
Just do what is says in the owners manual. Wipe it off every now and then with some harsh chemicels. Then it shouldnt snap
really??? i dont remember the manual saying that... what, do we work for a "harsh chemical" company??? maybe some H2SO4 would work on that antenna... eat straight through the crap on the outside, not to mentition all that useless crap that makes it go up and down... another great idea from the great tofu...

original post here: http://www.bonnevilleclub.com/forum/...pic.php?t=6466
Originally Posted by 1992 trofeo
If it is a one piece lense then its probably all clear, but with orange paint on the side marker side, if you have harsh enough chemicles.
must i say more???

and in closing i would like to say you should not be allow to drive given your post in kills (the fourth quote). you give gm cars a bad name... if you must drive a car, at least let it be a ricer so we will know to expect that kind of driving from you!
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willwren is on a distinguished road

Due to the unintended direction this thread has taken, I feel it necessary to bust out the magic lock.

This would, however, be a good time to add a disclaimer:

Any advice given on this Forum by ANYONE including an Administrator or Moderator (or other member) should be taken with a grain of salt. Any advice you take from this Forum is at your own risk. It is up to each individual member to sort out the information for themselves

This thread will remain under 'VIRTUAL' lock, so that the original subject may continue.

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2000SilverBullet is on a distinguished road

Geez. He had to be joking.
He'* an Albertan. Been eating too much Mad Cow tainted meat.

Let'* get back on topic. That magazine really is a good read.
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LMAO....geez I sure missed some good threads.......

There is a website to view articles, etc from that magazine at:
You can also apply for a FREE issue there
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Hailey is on a distinguished road

Hmmm...the magazine looks fairly interesting, but they really need to broaden the spectrum a little...include some newer cars and more stuff that applies to them. I'm interested in the older ones, but not enough to buy it.

Too bad.
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