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bandgeek is on a distinguished road

I have to say, I've never been pulled over yet. No tint, but I got Pontiac and Pontiac Racing Stickers. I've flown through speed traps at 15-20 over and nothing'* happened.
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I spend alot of my day driving and my handle (speedyguy) will explain some of my driving nature. I tend to be careful as you can when you speed (you know between packs nice through the pack and hammer down to the next). I know a few CHP and I know when their shift changes are (that helps a bit) never pulled over for speeding I usually duck out in time or keep em guessing. Had one cop get mad and finally caught up to me but because he was too late and I had slowed down (hehehehe) he just said with his bullhorn "and you better stay at that speed”. He saw me while he was going the other way (south bound) I was going north. Usually the green helps me get away with a lot because it gets dull with dust quick and the black tint doesn’t stand out as much. I also don’t tend to be on the road when all the morons get out of high school. When I livid in Canada I had 16 points at one time. I also had the money at the time to pay for all the tickets, twice. They like to make you pay twice in British Columbia. First for the initial ticket and then for having the points at the end of the year. The problem was I kept meeting the same cops, Small town.
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99BonnevilleSE is on a distinguished road

Do cops seem to follow you? I dont know but I got a black Bonneville w/ dark black tint all around and you basically can't see inside. Here is why I ask this...

Tonight I am driving to a friends house that is about 20 min away. I am doing 70 mph downhill. I pass this car going maybe 75 (it was downhill so it naturally accelerated). So then it uphill again and about 1.5 miles later a California Highway Patrol pulls me over. I immediately roll down my front windows (cause they are tinted) and he first asks: "Do you know how fast your were going?"
I reply, "70 officer."
Him: "You were going about 80 when you passed that vehicle.
Mind you I was going 75 and did it for about 5 seconds to pass a car.
Me: "I am sorry, I didn't really notice."
Him: "Well the max speed here is 65 and going over that is breaking the law and speeding is also unitentional also."
Him: "I understand how you could not notice you were going 70 since my brother has a car like this and you wouldn't even notice if you were going 90. So I'll let you off with a verbal warning."

It seems to me in the past couple of months since I have gotten my tint I keep attracting cops more and I do nothing wrong. On top of that the cop checks the back "just in case" and there are other cars that were passing me before and he pulls me over. Is there something that tells them that I have money driving a Bonneville or something? Damn, I had to vent but this pisses me off that they follow me and try to catch me on any little thing I might do wrong like a ******* ricer. At least the guy I had tonight was cool about it and understood that I never felt the difference in speed.
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csprague is on a distinguished road

Hmmm...I have neither tints nor rims, and I've never had a problem with police harassing me. In fact, a couple months ago I was pulled over for doing 15-20mph over the limit, the officer even saw my 8500 on the windshield and he still gave me a warning

For this reason I think I'm going to skip tinting my windows, nice as it may look...
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