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My dumb luck. I have no idea why it chips so easily other than perhaps it was painted before I got it? My 96 SSE never chipped this easily and it has a steeper initial hood slope. There are lots of tiny little flecks in the paint. I'm going to NAPA to get paint mixed and try to touch it up as best I can. But, as usual, I am clueless.
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NO complaints....

Well one its not fast enough (YET) lol

I recently had mine on a balls out run from Buffalo NY to Ottawa, ON. did that trip in around the 4 hour mark. Filled up with go juice in Buffalo and then again just before the border. ran in the mid 120'* and saw high 140'*

I do tho not like the Good Years they always sound squishy and Do not hold like they should.
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No its not a GM warranty, Its a company called Warranty Direct. They are a great company I did alot of research on warranty companies and this was the best hands down.
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drdivo is on a distinguished road

I've had mine just six weeks shy of a year - now 37,000 miles.

No real problem areas, aside from dealer warranty service. That'* been either terrific or dreadful.

Front brakes needed at 36,000 miles - seemed early, but what the heck.

I burn regular in my car, and average around 16.5 tank after tank. I drive about 50/50 highway and stop and go. Drove to Dallas last weekend, and got the average up to nearly 21.

I hear people talk about getting much higher mileage, but .. I'm a doubter. Of course, it'* been hotter than the blue farck down here in Tejas and my A/C blows like Hurricane Katrina.

I keep the tires inflated at the manual recommended 30 psi and the car rides and handles great. If I increase the tire pressure to 35 (actually, if the tire store does - everytime the car goes in there, they kick the pressure up) it rides harder and is a lot noisier.

Not having paint trouble at all. If you get the beige interior, you can clean water stains and other spots from the suede very easily with spray on oxy-clean upholstery cleaner - comes in a white bottle with blue label. Just a light going over will clean that ride up.

It'* a lovely car.
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2.3 Turbocoupe is on a distinguished road

I love mine; other than foglamps burning out and the steering shaft ití* been great. Mileage is a bit disappointing though. I typically get about 17 in town, and 22 on the highway. I did get a best of 24 on a highway trip once, but it was light traffic so almost no braking, and I had to limit speed to a max of 75. I always run premium. They have the 10% ethanol gas here that returns a bit lower mileage, but I think thatí* pretty much everywhere these days.

Remember that if you want to go fast and can live without the V8 rumble and cool GXP styling, consider the SSEi. There is plenty of aftermarket support for the supercharged 3800, and they respond well to mods. There is almost nothing available for the GXP, and nothing I am aware of on the horizon. The 3800 will return better mileage as well.
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I've had my car for 19 months now and just turned 6500 miles this week. I've never put many miles on a car, but I've had little problems with this car. I burn mid-grade fuel (BP or Shell only) and usually get 17-18 in the city and 24-26 on the highway. I'm a fairly conservative driver but I do love the sound of that Northstar and the exaust when you get on it. I've only changed the air filter to an *&B which was much less than a K&N. I odered that from I haven't had any of the problems that I've read about on this site so far but I think the internediate shaft is starting to rear it'* ugly head. With the car having so low of mileage, the dealer is willing to do whatever needs to be done without a second thought. So far, my biggest complaint and expense was having the front brake pads replaced. The original pads are too soft and the wheels are black from dust within days or sooner. I had the dealer change the pads to the Durastop Ceramics and my wheels stay clean for weeks. Personally, I love the car but may need to consider selling it so I can get an SUV that can tow a boat. The cars in mint condition and has never seen snow or salt yet. Now that I'm down to one car, that will change this winter. I plan on taking the car into a local shop here and having the undercarriage covered/treated with a almost clear material that will prevent any rust. I had an SSEI back in 2002 and loved that car as well, but this Northstar is far superior regarding performace, but it is a bit thirstier. Good luck with you decision!
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I'm at 40,000. I like the GXP and wouldn't get rid of it, but I wouldn't buy another. I feel like I really got the short end on fuel economy. I run all premium. I get about 18mpg on the same 60 mile route that my 2002 Impala got 28mpg. The way they geared the GXP for performance, it could have used a little extra overdrive.

I had a charging system problem (warranty).
I never use my fog lights anyway.
The intermediate shaft is just starting to click (I fixed my Impala).

It is a heck-of a ride. Read the forums, and if you decide to buy, at least you're going in with your eyes wide open.
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