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Default Car problems from the T.O. trip!

Well I will start off with Friday as the trip started.

It was snowing like Hell. There was so much snow that the car was more like a plow. I had to stop at a grocery store to grab a couple things. Well as I was pulling out of my parking spot, the rear tire grabbed the corner of one of those dividing curbs, but with all that snow it was impossible to see it and I heard a strange pop sound. I KNEW that wasn't good. Pull up to the other end of the parking lot get out and sure enough, I popped the rear section of ground FX off. Same piece that was missing on the car when we bought it. Well it was only holding on by 2 screws so I just removed the 2 screws and threw the piece in th trunk.
Just that short time to take out 2 screws left me covered in a layer of snow, I went in to get something else and it looked like I was just stepping out of the shower ( from all that snow that had melted on me).

Proceed to drive and get Renee and head out of town. By this time the snow had stopped, but turned into freezing rain. I stopped at Tim Horton'* and was told that the road was closed. Sure enough it was, but not for long. As we stopped I had time to jump out of the car get my 12 pack load it with cd'* an put it back in the changer.

now we are moving, coming in the other direction was a truck pulling a trailer, only problem was that the trailer was riding in slush in the center lane which was throwing heavy ice on the cars. Hit our car and I thought the windshield was gonna pop. It didn't but the driver wiper seems bent. I drove with no wipers for about 10 mins in rainy freezing stuff. I go to pull of at a stop ( safest place to stop) and as I turn my signal on I hear that awefull "ding ding ding" sound coming from the DIC. Tells me a bulb was burnt.

Fix the wiper first, not big deal was just pulled out. Drive for another hour till I can stop for a bulb. I changed the side bulb next to the headlight. Still same warning from the DIC. I completely forgot the bulb mounted in the bumper. Drive another 2 hours with that warning. Stop at the next gas stop, they don't' have the right bulb ( after I finally figure out how to access the bumper bulb). Stop at the next one, same thing but I grab some anyhow it calls for a 2057 bulb and they only had 1157 bulbs.

Signals work now but still same warning. Well we get to the Travelodge meet everyone and go to our hotel. We had to stop and figure out how to get back to where we wanted to go ( dundas to QEW is a HUGE PITA). Then notice the warning is out, WOO HOO another problem fixed.
Stop at a light and notice strange sound.


It was the fuel pump, you could hear it whine and change with the voltage ( signal light, was actually kinda funny ). Checked in to our hotel, Renee got ready to go out, and we drove back to meet up with everyone. We decided on Sat morning NOT to take the car to Ste-Catherines just in case. ( glad I didn't cause we had a fun ride there and back with Pete).

Car went in today to get fixed. I got a call around 8pm. They installed a new AC DELCO fuel pump, new sock and whatever else they needed. Parts were only about 120$.

The owner tells me that the sock was COVERED in a black soot kinda stuff and doesn't know how the car ran. SO the problem was a 15$ dirty sock, but the tank was replaced in Dec and I think he changed that sock. Now the tank was a used tank from Arizona, so I think there was some kind of residue in it that got dislodged.

I have only added some gas line antifreeze and one treatment of Z-Max. So my thoughts are on the dirty tank and not the additive. The tank doesn't go much below 1/2 before getting filled again.

Sorry about the long post but I eventually got to the point.

SO does anyone else think it may have been a residue in the tank and NOT the additive I added ( I have added that to other cars in the past with no issues).
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