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I've just been thinking lately about my bonneville. I love my car but sometimes I feel I'm pouring to much into her. Heres a breakdown:

Bought car for $1500 plus my '90 buick regal 2dr

Not many major issues except the electrical gremlins which was eradicated in a short time.

But she still has a few pesky issues:

Needs front brake job. (will be doing it in a few days when I get my next paycheck. No big deal)

TCC is being iffy (could be simple or a whole new TCC)

2nd Gauge cluster is going out (just the DIC but its starting it eventual demise)

Still needs that paint job to fix that "spot"

Front pass. moulding is broken and has to be replaced

Front driver moulding is starting to come off but just needs a clip to keep on.

Transission line will be replaced along with the front brakes in a few days.

Trim below the pass. doors is broken (has been for a while, but the "was a pull it now they accompany you to the cars" wants $30 which is alot higher than what they've been asking for trim.

Theres more issues but its all cosmetic (steering wheel worn to hell and driver seat worn to hell as well, exterior has alot of scuffs and scratches which I have yet to use a scratch remover thats worked for me. only to find out I'd have to repaint the area or fill it with a ren but it won't look right still....Don't care much about these though)

Mainly whats been setting me back is that McWork was cutting my hours so I was only making $650 a month with $400 going to bills and the rest for gas/food/house stuff.

I really don't want these issues to mount over the cliff and give up. I was thinking of taking like a $4-5k loan from a bank (I have a co-signer that has a Solid GOLD credit rating) and fixing as much as possible AND buying a beater truck (remember that $500 dodge ram I mention a few months ago. Well it want to the junker a while after I posted it)

At worst I would sell it and take the money from that and down payment a 2k+ ssei and being broke for the next 3 years paying that off.

I have lost the light and need directons back there... What do I do?
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Do the brakes/tranny line and just drive it.

I rocked a 90 regal 2 door for a year and it looked like poop.
I had thought about doing this and that to it when I had it but, looking back, I'm gald I didn't spend any extra money on it.

Put the money torwards something you really want. That'* what I did and I'm happy.
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Yup, Driver er as is (except fot the brakes and trans). save the cash you would put into it otherwise for a newer ride. older cars are mostly money pits, you'll never get ahead. if you absolutly can not stand driving it like this then take that loan and buy something newer/nicer.
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Think of this car as the devil you know, vs. going out there and getting one you don't know.
You KNOW what is wrong with your car, and it sounds to me it'* a bunch of minor stuff that can be fixed within a weekend.
Our cars are not getting any younger, so you have to expect some things will need to be freshened up.

Sounds to me that the only major cosmetic problem is that spot. I'll bet you and a buddy can puddy it up, sand and prime and have a paint guy shoot it for a minimal amount of $$.
Trust me, get it all cleaned up and replace those little things, and you'll be back on the cloud with your car.

I was thinking crazy thoughts a few days ago about mine. Selling it and getting somethind different, then I took it for a good car wash, got it all cleaned up, mashed the throttle so hard those crazy thoughts are firmly planted into the back of my brain, and are not allowed to come out...

Can I suggest a set of gold Crosslace rims for you car? I had the Aerolites too, but the gold on green seems to work real nice.
If you do, go for the golder coloured ones, not the ones that are more of a copper shade. (You could always paint them and clear coat them, that'* what I did for minimal $$)

Good luck, Jacob.
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i agree with the above, just drive it and save for a newer/ nicer car. my blazer is the same way, i could do a bunch of stuff to it but i have decided not to so i can save for a different car. only put the parts in that are essential.
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